Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Zombie Standing Snippet #2

Hi all and welcome to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday – the best kind of Saturday’s there are. Last week, SFFSat turned four and had a great turn out of writers and authors displaying their wares. I decided to put a short story I’ve been working on out there, Last Zombie Standing, and I’m continuing with it this week, so if you want to catch the first part, just hit last week’s link on my site. Make sure that you  stop over and visit the main site by clicking here - SciFiFanSat and visit all of the great offerings by some equally great writers. Enjoy the weekend and I hope you enjoy this snippet. Please feel free to leave a comment afterwards, feedback for writers is like tipping your waiter. ______________________________________________________________
           “Zulu-2’s already falling apart,” the general barked through Zulu-2’s suit mike. 
          “Sir?”  Kingston’s voice crackled from Zulu-1’s shoulder mike.  “I think his ear became dislodged while taking off the helmet, otherwise they seem to be withstanding the atmosphere.”
           “It ripped its own ear off?  What kind of zombies did you get me for this mission?” the general growled.
          “They’re both Z.G.I. rated, sir,” Kingston answered.  “They adhered to all mission specs, no missing parts and an acceptable stage of decay.”
          “The blasted things better keep it together.  Lose those suits, soldiers.”
          Following their commands, the necronauts stripped away the remaining bulky space gear to reveal a more conforming lunar camouflaged jumpsuit underneath.  Zulu-1’s blond hair had been trimmed into a military style flattop with several clumps missing from his scalp.  Blackened pupils offset his pale flesh as darkened veins strayed haphazardly from the creases around his mouth.  There wasn’t enough hair to give Zulu-2 a proper military cut and his pale head shimmered against the backdrop of space, a scar ran from his missing right ear along his cheek and chin.  They hungrily sniffed the air around them.

And there you have it – this week’s contribution. Nothing like a couple zany necronauts out for a stroll on the moon. But what is this mission and why are we using zombies for space exploration? The answer may surprise you.  Thanks for reading and expect my next novel – Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. out this September from Ink Smith Publishing. See you in seven!


  1. I love the officer describing the zombies as having an "acceptable stage of decay"!

    1. Right, as opposed to an unacceptable stage. Thanks, Peter.

  2. Reminds me why I don't like reading zombie stories - Yuck!

  3. I think "yuck" is an acceptable form of flattery in this genre - I'll take it.

  4. I LOLd at the general's "It ripped its own ear off!" Funneeeeee!