Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stargate: Atlantis - American Mythology Kickstarter Campaign

So I've been working with American Mythology comics for some time now and the company is looking to launch the first of several major titles this spring with Stargate: Atlantis! Check out the Kickstarter campaign they just launched and come along for the ride!
And so starts the 12 Days of Stargate...just in time for the holidays. Check out this link for American Mythology and its Kickstarter campaign to bring new StarGate: Atlantis comics back to eager fans. They've already lined up an award winning list of artists and writers to make sure the books are top shelf. Don't believe me - just ask Greg LaRocque Mark Wheatley Jeffrey Vaughn Mark L. Haynes Ken Haeser Buz Hasson and more! Stop over and check it out, lock a chevron level if you'd like to participate! Everyone's participation is truly appreciated and will help to bring this awesome title back to comic book readers. Join the mission as American Mythology goes Back to Pegasus!
Click on the link below to check it out!


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