Friday, January 3, 2014

Stein #11

What do you mean the holidays are over?!  Already?  Time really does speed up the older you get.  Well, happy 2013..crap, I mean 2014!  I’ll be doing that until March.  It’s great to be back in the SFFSat swing of things and I’m happy to be posting again from my WIP – Stein.  When we left poor Annie back in 2013, she was rescued from a horde of rampaging zombies by a mysterious stranger by way of a small hole in the alley dumpster.  With freedom in front of her, she instead feels drawn back to the man who begrudgingly risked his life for her.  Make sure you stop over at the main site and check out the other snippets contributed by some great writers –  Enjoy!

          “Do you live..I mean…is this where you stay?”

          He grunted in reply.

          “Well, thank you for saving me because I really thought I was a goner.” Annie leaned in closer and saw the ragged scar running along the base of his neck.

          “Go ‘way.”

          “Why did it seem like that meat chaser was afraid of you?” Annie shuffled on her knees through the bags of trash and made out a worn knit cap covering small patches on hair on the man’s head.

          “Not afraid.”

          “Look, there’s a small group of survivors holed up in an abandoned garage a couple blocks from here and I was thinking maybe you should come-“

          The man spun to face her and Annie gasped, dropping the lighter in her hand as he barked, “Leave me alone.”

And there you have it.  Welcome 2013 4 and I hope the new year brings everyone whatever goals they have set.  My novel Welcome to GreenGrass came out in November and I’m extremely happy with where it has climbed since them.  If you haven’t checked it out it – here’s a link the amazon site:

          Enjoy the weekend, stay warm, bend with the legs when shoveling your driveway, and I’ll see you in seven!


  1. The mystery deepens... A scarred neck, refusing to answer questions, and sudden aggression when invited to join another community. I'm intrigued to know where this is going - looking forward to the next snippet. Happy New Year!

  2. Annie is very observant, except for the fact that her begrudging hero wants nothing to do with extra people and she's either ignoring that or hasn't noticed. He seems like he'll be hard to work with, though it'll be worth the trouble. My favorite kinda people! Looking forward to more. Love the title.

  3. Has she seen his face before? What about it startled her?