Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome to GreenGrass Snippet #2

Hi everyone and welcome to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  What is SciFiFanSat?  Well, it’s a group of authors who share ten sentence snippets from their works and post them up on their blogs with a link over at the main site.  Sounds fun right?  I’ve taken a small break from posting snippets of Stein, my zombie WIP, and a couple weeks ago I shared the opening of my novel, Welcome to GreenGrass.  This week, I decided to share another ten lines from GreenGrass before turning back to Stein.  Make sure you stop over and check out all the great postings at the main site – 
An air horn blared from the street as a hovercraft reversed its undercarriage thrusters and slammed to a stop, bass-driven music thumping from inside the craft. The hooded operator shook a fist out the window at the giant grasshopper pedaling a bicycle-driven carriage in front of him. The pedal cabbie noticed Jerry staring and waved. Jerry sheepishly returned the gesture as Traveller placed a hand on his back, leading him across the sidewalk as Jerry protested.

“This is impossible. Where am I?”

“Oh, it’s more than impossible. This is your new life.”

Traveller outstretched an arm in introduction.

“Welcome to GreenGrass.”
And there you have it.  If you enjoyed the snippet, check out a few chapters for free over on Amazon.  Next week, I’ll get back to Stein.  Have a great weekend and see you in seven!



  1. I love the description of the bass thumping from the hovercraft - a great way to meld the futuristic scene with present day realities.

  2. Sounds like some Asian cities with imagination on steroids. Love the image of a pedaling grasshopper.

  3. Definitely that Men in Black vibe with the awesome aliens.... :)

  4. Oh, I like GreenGrass!! Neat world building in just a few sentences. You're good at that, though.