Friday, March 21, 2014

Stein #15

In the world of literary mathematics, success = drive x desire, 3 = the time in the morning you usually have a good idea, and Saturday = Science Fiction Fantasy writing snippets! It's downright mathmagical. Don't believe me? Just check out all the great writing snippets from some equally great writers over at and you'll see. My snippet this week is from Stein, a zombie/action/horror/mystery/romance - ok, maybe I'm over-genring (is that a word - it is now). Zombies attacked Annie. Stein saved Annie. Some guy shot Stein.  There, you’re all caught up. You can find all the previous snippets posted here, in case you need to catch up with a bit more detail.

It felt like someone dropped a load of bricks across Annie's legs, lying there pinned face down to the street.  She tried to pull herself free but she was held tight under the weight of his body.  Panic didn't set in until she saw the pool of blood forming near her shoulder.

"Annie, are you okay?"

She twisted enough to see Brody running towards her, rifle in hand.

"What exactly were you shooting at?"

Brody dropped down beside her, grabbing her arm to help free her.

"That thing was right on top of you."

"He's not a zombie, you idiot. He's a friend." Annie squirmed free and spun around. "Mr. Stein, are you okay?"

She saw the hole in Stein's chest and gasped.

His hand slowly worked its way up to the tear in his shirt as he stared at his blood covered fingers.

"I've had worse, and it's not mister, just Stein."
And there’s your fifteen for this week. I hope they entertained or at least amused. If you’d like, please leave a comment on your way out. They’re always appreciated! Don’t forget to check out all the great writing snippets over at the main site for SFFSat! See you in seven!


  1. A pool of blood is bound to set anyone in a panic. Great snippet.

  2. "Surprise! I'm not dead!" It's these little mistakes in identifying who's a friend and who's not that makes some interesting storytelling.

  3. I'm suspending disbelief until I've figure out the rules of this world, but Stein's rules are apparently not familiar to Annie. And can you kill a zombie by shooting it?

  4. Great final line! So the mystery of Stein deepens. And we have a newcomer - Brody. Someone Annie knows and works with - do I sense friction between Brody and Stein on the horizon?

  5. Ooh, he's a laconic one, isn't he? Very telling, that last line. Excellent characterization.