Friday, June 5, 2015

Last Zombie Standing Snippet #3

So here we are, another weekend and a brand spanking new edition of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. What's this you ask?  Well, let me tell you. It's a group of awesome authors who share snippets from their books and works in progress to entertain and maybe make the weekend a little brighter. My snippet this week is from a short story, Last Zombie Standing. If you haven't already, you can check out the prior two installments on my page. Make sure to stop over at the main site HERE to enjoy all the contributing authors this week. Enjoy!

           “I think they’re already picking up the rabbit’s scent," Kingston transmitted.

           “Okay, soldiers, you need to proceed to retrieval point Alpha and bring us back the package," the general ordered.

          Both men stumbled forward, adjusting to gravitational pull of their new surroundings. The small metal box that disembarked after them rolled along the lunar surface, spraying a red mist into the air.

          “That’s right, boys, smell the blood and let's double time it,” the general snapped.

          An electrical current shot through the suits, sending the dead star-farers scrambling across the terrain.

          “Sir, you’ll burn out what’s left of their nervous system with too many jolts,” Kingston warned.

          “Don’t tell me how to command my men, science-boy,” the general barked.  “I’ve been sending men into battle since before you learned to use a slide rule.”


          “The only butts I want to see are those two dead hinnies high-tailing it to get me my box.”

          Zulu 1’s knee buckled as it hit a soft spot and it gurgled, “Urrggggg!”

          “Don’t lip me, soldier.”

          “I don’t think that was meant for you, sir,”  Kingston said.

          “Shut up, Kingston,   we’ve only got one shot at getting to the package first.”


And there you have it. What is the box and why does the general want it? And why are they using zombies to get it? Tune in next week as the plot thickens. Stop over at my new website - and say hi and look for my new book, Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. - out this September from Ink Smith Publishing.


  1. Definitely the sort of General who gives the military a bad name! This is fun - I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

    1. Thanks, Peter. Hopefully I have a another surprise or two in it to keep you guessing. Glad you're enjoying it.

  2. I hope the dead star-farers run out of electrical energy before they get to the general... Something tells me that'd be justice...

    1. I'm sure the government uses good batteries....they just keep going and going and going and.......

  3. Loved that the General thought the zombie was giving him lip. :)

    1. and in that case, I suppose that could have been the literal translation. Thanks, Gayle - yeah, I kind of liked that "zinger" myself followed by the drum rimshot.

  4. You had me a 'zombies'. Science boys are just a plus.

    1. Ha. Now that should be a title for a zombie story.