Friday, June 26, 2015

Last Zombie Standing Snippet #5

Hi all! Welcome to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday! Summer is in full swing and everyone is busy enjoying the sun but take a few minutes and check out some of the great writing snippets contributed by the other writers over at the main site by clicking HERE . This week’s snippet comes from the same short story, Last Zombie Standing, that I’ve been sharing, following the adventures of two zany necronauts and the government controlling them. If you enjoy it, make sure you click back to the other selections from this story on my page. Enjoy!
          “How far until the mark,” the general asked.
          “Half a klick due north, sir.” A new voice transmitted through Zulu-1’s suit. “This is Bravo Team Leader,sir, we have a team converging on the research and development lab.”
          “Who’d have thought a couple dead heads would save our country?”  The general’s voice echoed across the lunar landscape as the two militarized zombies stumbled towards their destination.
          Clumsily reaching for the vaporized blood, Zulu 1 stumbled and fell. 
          “Give ‘em another blast from the rabbit.  We need them both mobile,” the general blared.
          A second spray of crimson mist blew from a nozzle on the mechanized scout, renewing both creatures’ determination. A remote camera mounted on top of the machine turned and focused on the hill in front of them.
          “Sir, we should have a visual on the target when we crest that next ridge.”
         “Let’s take that hill,” the general ordered.
          The zombies obediently followed the small robot, clawing their way up the loose dirt. The powdery gray sod stuck to their faces and hair, covering what little color remained from their former selves. By the time they crested the embankment, both appeared more like a ghost than the living dead.

What’s beyond the hill? And how’s it going to save the world? Tune in next week and find out. This has been a fun story for me to write and I hope you’re enjoying the ride. Please take a minute to leave a comment. They’re always appreciated, whether you’re a contributor to SFFSat or just reading along. Jump over and check out my website – S.A.Check  My latest novel, Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. comes out this September. See you in seven!


  1. They're taking a long time to get there. Will there be any pieces left?

    1. It's like when you park at the mall, you always see a space closer after the fact.

  2. I like your description of them covered in dust, more like ghost than living dead - great phrase!

  3. Thanks, Peter. I think it made for a pretty good visual. Zombie ghosts - that's a pretty good idea in itself....hmmmm.