Friday, May 16, 2014

SFFSAT - Bonz - part demi-god, all attitude

You have two choices.  You can either go outside and cut the grass, weed the garden, or whatever other yard work that's beckoning OR you can stay inside and read some great sci-fi and fantasy writing snippets over at  I'll wait here while you decide.

I knew you'd make the right choice!  Shoot on over and read all the great writing snippets posted over on the main site after you've checked out my contribution for the week.  I have been posting from a WIP titled STEIN but I'm giving it a slight break to post another snippet from my novel Welcome to GreenGrass.  It's a sci-fi fantasy adventure centered around the adventures of terran detective John Traveller trapped in the alien city of GreenGrass under an impenetrable glass dome.  Traveller's made some friends since he's been there and here's a glimpse of one of them, Bonz - part demi-god, all attitude.
“I have room for one more lass on the end!”

Bonz brought the wooden bench back down to the tavern floor. The smell of spilled ale and smoke filled the darkened drinkery as Bonz laid flat on his back, lifting the wooden bench filled with young women back up into the air to the delight of the other bar patrons. These were his kind of people. Impressed by a simple display of strength and not concerned about expressing their feelings and all of the blasted talking that seemed a constant back with Traveller and Talyn. Not to mention the female, Sil, the woman would one day drive him mad. He could not understand why it was so difficult to remove her from his thoughts.

“I’ll jump on.” A young girl cried out from a nearby stall and skipped across the room to take the remaining space on the edge of the makeshift weights. Her plume of black hair bounced lightly off her shoulders as she crossed the floor. Bonz found her form very much to his liking.

He brought the wooden bench back down and grabbed his mug of ale, spilling as much on the floor as he got into his mouth. “Hop on the board and I shall show you all why my followers carved statues of me back on Candonia.” Bonz braced one hand against the center of the bench and held his mug in the other as he hoisted the giggling girls high into the air.
A bar filled with lasses, ale flowing, and feats of strength?  I think we all see where this is heading.
I may have to post another snippet from this chapter next week.  Check out some of the other snippets from Welcome to GreenGrass here on my blog.  It's available thru my publisher and over at Amazon.
Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.  Have a good week and see you in seven.


  1. Something tells me that with friends like Bonz, John Traveller's going to be in trouble pretty soon... This is good fun - I'm looking forward to what's coming.

  2. Great snippet. Love the characters.

  3. How can you go wrong with a bar full of lovely lasses and plenty of drink to go around? I can think of lots of ways, but I'm just evil like that. BWAHAHAHA (um...sorry) I like the scene. Looking forward to more.

  4. Typical male. Showing off to impress the ladies. Love it!

  5. Demi-god because of his strength?