Friday, May 30, 2014


What’s makes a weekend great?  Sun, Saturdays, and Sci-Fi/Fan, of course!  Hopefully we’ll have plenty of all of that over the next few days.  To get your Science Fiction and Fantasy fix, just stop on over to and check out the contributions from the bevy of great authors hanging out over there.  For me this week, it’s another installment from my WIP – STEIN.  We’ve been following Annie and Stein’s twists and turns for a while now and I think it’s almost time to turn a new page for my contributions but until then, enjoy!  In case you need to catch up or want to read all of my snippets from STEIN – I’ve included a list of them at the bottom.
          This was the second time in as many hours someone pointed a gun at his head and Stein’s patience was wearing thin.  After all the years, you’d think he’d know better than to get involved with people again.  Solitude always proved to be his best friend.

          In a blur of motion, Stein grabbed the rifle by the barrel, snatching it away from the man.  Turning the weapon on him, Stein growled.

          “Idiot men and their idiot inventions.”

          “Stein!  Don’t hurt him.”  Annie crossed the vacant lot in purposed but cautious strides.

          “Please, mister, I thought you was one of them and didn’t want nobody to hurt Trudy is all.”

          The young man’s hands trembled and the fear in his eyes read like a billboard.

          Stein leaned into the rifle’s sights, bringing them to rest square on the boy’s forehead.  He glanced down at Trudy beside him, who watched the whole scene playing out in wide-eyed amazement.  Slowly he lowered the gun, gripping both ends of the barrel and bending it in half.

          Pulling back his hood, he said, “Maybe I’m a bit of both.”

And there you go.  The mystery that is Stein deepens.  In case you haven’t notice, his people skills are somewhat lacking.  Let’s see how he does in a group setting.  Thanks for reading and please leave a comment and let me know what you thought.  See you in seven! 


  1. Stein may not be a people person - but the people round him seem all too willing to assume the worst from outward appearance. I can understand why Stein gets hacked off with them.

    1. The world around him has taken some unexpected turns but stayed the same in other ways. How do you accept humanity when it's barely hanging on?

  2. Hopefully they don't come across a situation where they're going to need that gun, though...

  3. Spoken like a true zombie apocalypse survivalist.

  4. Ah! Keep him away from me. He bends guns. ;) Nice insight into Stein's personality.

  5. I'm with TM . Hope they don't regret his strong man routine.