Friday, July 10, 2015

Last Zombie Standing Snippet #6

          Welcome back to another edition of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday! I hope the weekend is going well and you’re stopping by for a quick fix of Sci-Fi/Fantasy writing to get you through the day. As always, stop over at the main site by clicking HERE to enjoy the contributions from all of the great writers this week. You’ll be glad you did. This week I’m sharing more from my short story – Last Zombie Standing. If you haven’t had a chance to keep up or it’s your first time here, just click the links on my page to catch up with the previous snippets. The mystery deepens as our two necronauts close in on the general’s prize until an unexpected guest shows up. Hope you enjoy!___________________________________________________________________

          A blue light shimmered in the distance, half buried in the dirt. Waves of energy emitted from the core forming a veritable hemi-sphere of pulsating power.  
          “Enough power to fuel an entire nation,” the general said. 
         “Giddee up, doggies,” the general wailed as he sent another jolt of electricity coursing through the dead astronauts.
          Both necronauts stumbled down the hill towards the glowing mass as Zulu 2’s mike activated.
          “Sir, I think we may have a problem.”
          “Don’t tell me you can’t handle a bunch of geeky scientists, Bravo One.” 
          “Actually, this is the geeky scientist, sir.”
          “Kingston, where the hell is my Bravo Team?”
          “We remotely trapped them in an air-lock and cut off their radio capabilities.  More importantly, sir, we’ve detected another landing, not far from Zulu 1 and 2’s current position.  We think it’s the Russians.”
          “What?” the general asked as he panned Zulu 1’s shoulder camera to the left. “By God, look at the size of him. It’s a Ruskie zombie!”

          It looks like getting their prize isn’t going to be as easy as they’d hope. I’m betting on reserved and well-thought negotiations to get them through this dilemma. Yeah, right. Get ready for some Zombie Smack-Down! Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment on your way out and don’t forget to tip the waiter. Be sure to stop over at my website – I’m hoping for a cover reveal for Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. in the near future. I already got a sneak peek and I’m looking forward to showing it off.


  1. Zombies fighting on the Moon - yay! And I'm also amused that the science team dealt with the soldiers - go geeks!

    1. They're a crafty bunch. Zombie Lunar Smackdown - every Tuesday night on Pay Per View!!

  2. You can't go wrong with a little Cold War-esque zombie fight. Fun snippet.

    1. Thanks, T.M. - when in doubt - throw in a Russian zombie.

  3. Great stuff. Had to laugh at "Giddee up, doggies", lol, and way to go scientists!! I guess at least this time the general listened to him...

    1. The general is a fun character to write. There's definitely no grey areas with him. Thanks.