Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Zombie Standing #9

And here we go! Another Saturday is upon us and another round of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday is here to liven up our reading pleasures. Take a minute to stop over at the main site and check out the contributions from all the writers this week by clicking HERE . This week, I’m sharing from my short story Last Zombie Standing and we’re getting close to the finale. The necronaut battle royal is in full swing and the winner could very well save the planet. Read on to find out who takes home the prize. If you need to catch up on a couple of the installments, just scroll down last week’s snippet where I listed links to all of them. Thanks and Enjoy!_________________________________________________________________
          The Russian tore Zulu-2’s arm off at the shoulder, using it as a club to pound against Zulu-1.  Zulu-2 stumbled away from the fight and fell against the motorized rabbit on the ground. The mechanical guide sprang to life and shot across the pulsating energy field, striking the Russian cosmonaut’s leg. The nozzle on top exploded, soaking both zombies with the remaining blood.
            Like two sharks in a feeding frenzy, Zulu-1 and the Russian ripped into each other, tearing and biting with bare-boned fingers and teeth. The larger zombie grabbed Zulu-1’s head and roared as it tore it free. Zulu-1 flailed backwards before falling with an almost inaudible thud into the lunar turf.  What was left of the Russian moved in to finish its meal but tripped over Zulu-2’s dismembered arm.  It struck the ground face first, driving what was left of the telescoping pole through its skull.
          “Kingston, we won,” the general said.
          Zulu-2 stood next to its fallen combatants, staring blankly into the horizon at the blue and green orb in the distance. The dome fell silent except for the quiet sizzling of burnt flesh.
          The mike on Zulu-2’s shoulder crackled.
          “Sir, what have we become?” Kingston asked.

          Well, we have a winner but what exactly have they won? Stay tuned for the answers. I hope you’ve been enjoying the story and please leave a comment on your way out. The release of my new novel Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. is only about a month away. Take a second to check out the blurb here on my blog or stop over at my website . Enjoy the weekend and see you in seven!


  1. "What have we become?" - Funny.
    Can you hear a thud on the moon?

  2. We're coming around to the homestretch, so I'm trying to tie it together some.

    I thought the same thing but for some reason I wanted it in there. I suppose that's why I made it "almost inaudible".

  3. Great description of the fight!

  4. Thanks. I tried finding a balance of grossness and action.