Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Zombie Standing Snippet #8

          Welcome back to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday! I hope everyone’s summer is going well and you’re getting some great reading under your favorite shady spot. Things are definitely heating up on the moon as our two necronauts have broken through the mysterious energy barrier to claim the general’s prize only to run into a dead Russian cosmonaut with his own plans for the energy source. If you haven’t been following along, I’ve listed the previous snippets here for you to catch up. Make sure you stop over at the main site and check out all the great contributions this week by clicking HERE . Enjoy!

          “They’re being torn apart,” the general shouted.
          “That was the whole reason the Zulu Space Initiative was chosen for this mission, sir,” Kingston said. “What doesn’t make sense is why an alien culture would initiate contact with us and just happen to have a solution to our energy crisis but send it wrapped in an power sphere no human could access.” 
          The dome convulsed again as the cat’s carcass broke the perimeter, followed by the dead Russian a few steps behind.
          “Don’t let him near that box,” the general ordered.  
          The Russian necronaut headed straight for the energy source as Zulu 1 caught the dead feline’s scent and attacked, biting deep into its side in one sweeping motion. The larger zombie smelled the fresh blood on Zulu 1’s face and wrestled him to the ground, clawing at his clenched jaws. Zulu-2 sprang in from the side, grasping at the animal remains still clinging to the Russian’s lead pole. The Russian turned on Zulu-2, snapping the tension rod. Zulu-1 lashed out at the Russian with a skeletal fist, knocking its jaw from its head.
          “That’s it, show him how an American zombie takes care of business,” the general said.
          “Actually, sir, they’re Canadian.” 
          “What?” the general bellowed.
          “We had to outsource to stay within budget,” Kingston said.
          “Stars and stripes, just get me that box!”

          Oh boy. What’s a zombie to do? Stay tuned and find out as we wrap this one up in the next couple weeks just in time to start sharing from my upcoming novel, Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. It’ll be coming out September 3rd from Ink Smith Publishing. Check out the awesome cover art here on my page or over at my website . If you want to read the blurb from the coming soon section over at my publisher’s website - Ink Smith Publishing. Thanks for stopping by, comments welcome! See you in seven!


  1. I laughed out loud at Kingston's comment about budgets - a nice bit of humour amidst the carnage.

    1. Thanks, Peter. I was trying to juxtapose the two a bit. I tried to keep the carnage somewhere between ewwww and that's disgusting.

  2. Amusing commentary on nationalities.

  3. hahaha - yup, outsourcing due to budgets. Too funny - including the general's reaction. LOL.

    1. I think the outsourcing / Canadian lines were my favorite from the whole story. Thanks, Laurel.

  4. I, too, was laughing out loud at the outsourcing/budgets line...hilarious.

  5. Thanks - the general is definitely having a bad day. Maybe things will perk up.