Friday, May 23, 2014

Stein 05/24/14

Hi!  Another Saturday - another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and all is right in the world.  Make sure you stop over and check out all the great writing happening over at  This week's snippet comes from my WIP - Stein.  We've been following Annie trying to survive in a hard new world and the new friends she's made along the way.

          Trembling, Trudy partially crawled into the hole left from the broken sun flower. She looked at the rainbow tennis shoe, laying on its side between her and her the hooded man.

          The stranger followed her stare down to the lost footwear.  Slowly bending down, he picked it up and approached the child.

          "Are you fast?" he asked.

          "What?"  She pulled back her hand.

          "Can you run fast?"  He knelt down and dangled the shoe in front of her by the laces.

          Grabbing it, she worked the shoe back on her foot.  "I'm the fastest girl in fourth grade...I mean I used to be."

          They sat in mutual silence as Trudy traced two stick figures in the dirt.

          "Do you wanna play?" she asked without looking up.

          "Get away from her!"  A man screamed, sprinting across the lot towards them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this week's installment.  Leave a comment on the way out. They're always appreciated.  See you in seven!!


  1. I hope that's Stein that's found her.

    1. It is. I just didn't want to switch perspective.

  2. Stein's found her - but someone else is obviously judging him harshly by his appearance. You do a very nice job of making us care for Stein.

  3. This was a fun scene with the little girl, especially for character development but I think we need some zombie smashing action soon.