Friday, September 14, 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet #4

         Hi all!  This snippet picks up after Traveller returns home and we're given a first look at some of Traveller's makeshift family in the strange world of GreenGrass.  Hopefully you'll find the characters as colorful and fun as I did writing them.  Make sure you check out and comment on all of the great snippets here on Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday from a group of wonderful writers! 
          The ground shook under Traveller’s feet as Bonz dropped the stones in each hand to change positions, reminding Traveller that he was on a peace keeping mission. 

          “OK, big guy, just when you go back in the house, don’t hassle Sil about food.  We’ll order some pizzas from the human district.  We haven’t had any of those in a couple cycles.”

          “Pizza.  One of the few things the soft skins have actually brought to this red mud hole that account for anything.”

          “I accept that compliment on behalf of all soft skins.  Where’s Talyn?”

          “Where else?  Up in his cubicle, praying to his false prophets.”

          “I’m going to go check on him.  He hasn’t been acting like himself since our last gig when we ran into that goon in enchanter’s village.  He keeps saying that he’s losing himself.”

          “A pacifist has no place in battle, friend Traveller.”

          “Yeah, well, Talyn just needs a little space.  Don’t we all?”

The Most Interesting Writer In The World #18

Used his royalty checks to sculpt a paper mache bust of himself and sold it for twice the value.

The Most Interesting Writer In The World #17

He has his own font named after him and he doesn't use it.