Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Three Times a Stooge

Sometimes, time just has a way of slipping by.  What you could swear was only a few weeks ago was actually months, and months have a way of turning into years.  It happens to us all at times, but every once in a while, we’re still caught by surprise.  Need an example?  Glad you asked!
It was just another day at the American Mythology HQ.  I parked in the “supplemental” parking lot, as usual, and had to take two buses, a subway, rickshaw, and zip line to make it over to the offices.  The closer parking lot is reserved for what editor-in-chief, Mike Wolfer, likes to call employees who actually “do” things.  Whatever that means.  
Anyway, I showed up extra early, say around ten thirty, and made my way into the lobby, passed the bronze statue of comic scribe, the notorious J.C. Vaughn.  (It looks so life-like! The statue – not the person.)  I jumped on the special ser-vice elevator, which I was told was French for really important people, and I headed on up.
Stepping out of the elevator, I made a beeline for my corner office (known by some as stall #3).  It was there I heard the almost angelic voice of the unfairly expelled American Idol hopeful, James I-never-agreed-to-be-in-this-bit Kuhoric, who gave me a friendly reminder.  “Hey, Check, you better get those Stooges stories in for the Halloween issue.  Blah!”  Halloween issue?  Didn’t we already do a couple of those?  And that’s when it hit me like a 3 a.m. burrito!  Three years!  We’ve been churning out Three Stooges comics for a whole three years! 
Impossible you say?  I say thee nay, yon knuckleheads.  Our first Three Stooges comic, “The Boys are Back” came out waayyyy back in early twenty-odd sixteen.  I don’t even think there was internet back then.  The even better part is that I’ve had a hand in just about every one of those issues.  Getting to contribute to just one book was a writer’s dream for me, but to keep coming back and creating new adventures for The Boys is something I’ll always be proud of. 
This third Halloween issue, Monsters & Mayhem, takes up back for one last romp around Castle Frankenstooge to finish out our little trilogy of terror.  If you haven’t already – make sure to pick up the first two Frankenstooge comics, Curse of Frankenstooge, and Return to Castle Frankenstooge,  over at the American Mythology shop online.  And If you liked our homage to Edgar Allan Poe in this issue, you need to check out The Island of Dr. Moron back in the 2017 Halloween comic.  It’s a howl.  Yeah, pun totally intended.

Along the way, we’ve also elected Curly president, sent the boys back in time to the local Renaissance Fair, watched them work as window washers, fast food workers, and even save Christmas – sort of.  To say there’s a lot of talented contributors involved in each book is a major understatement.  I also really want to thank each and every reader who continues to support the books!  You folks are the best, and it’s always appreciated! 
American Mythology still has big plans for the Three Stooges in the coming months leading into 2019, so stick around and enjoy the show.  Maybe they’ll even let me scribble out a few more stories before they come to their senses. Remember.  Be a Stooge!  Read Comics!  Three Nyuks Always Make a Right!

 S.A. Check
Make sure you stop over at the AM SHOP and check out all The Three Stooges comics available there!  We always try to give extra nyuk for your buck!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Casper and Halloween ComicFest


So, it's that time of year again.  Halloween is soon upon us, and with that comes another year of Halloween ComicFest!!  I ran across the interview I did last year, where I had the opportunity to talk to the fine folks who run HCF about American Mythology's current run on Casper The Friendly Ghost, which was also last years HCF contribution from AM.  I had a lot of fun talking about everyone's favorite spookster, and I figured I'd repost the article here, since I don't think I did last year.  We talk about why Casper appeals to so many fans, the direction AM took with the character, and my affinity for potting soil.  Kind of. Just check out the article I've linked here if you want to read the whole thing.  

Halloween ComicFest - Casper The Friendly Ghost / S.A. Check

AND...…..definitely check out what American Mythology has in store for fans for this year's HCF!  You won't be disappointed, especially if your a fan of ERB, or dinosaurs, or lost worlds, or space, or adventure, or cool heroes and villains, or good stories, get the idea.

HCF 2018 Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe Genesis

Monday, May 28, 2018

Bad Comic Review - Volcanosaurus 2

Here's a video review of Volcanosaurus #2 from the folks over at Bad Comic Review!  I think they enjoyed it...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Three Stooges - Slaptastic Special!

It's a busy month for The Boys!  Hot off the

heels of the release of 

the second volume of collected comics from

American Mythology, 

comes the newest regular issue release, with

two new stories 

written by me.  Check it out!

The original funnymen of Vaudeville are

back and this time they

are trapped in virtual reality! Enjoy a

wonderful mix of classic and

modern Three Stooges storytelling in the Slaptastic Special! The

Three Stooges Slaptastic Special comes with three covers - Main

by Brendon & Brian Fraim, Color Photo, and a special Limited

Edition B&W Photo cover!

Check out the site at American Mythology Comics and get your own copy!  American Mythology Comics

Friday, May 11, 2018

Three Stooges Volume 2 - TV Time

Get more nyuks for your bucks with The Three Stooges Vol 2 Graphic Novel collection! America's favorite funnymen are back with the first comic book series that captures the likeness of Moe, Larry, and Curly! These all new adventures present The Three Stooges unique brand of wit and slapstick to a new generation of fans. Celebrate April Fool's Day the Stooges way with this 144 page graphic novel collecting The Three Stooges Merry Stoogemas, The Three Stooges April Fools Day Special, The Three Stooges TV Time, The Three Stooges Halloween Stoogetacular, and packed with extra fun parody ads, interviews, classic comics, and even more Stooge goodness. 

Volcanosaurus #2

Written by: S.A. Check Art by: Richard Bonk

How do you top last year’s over-the-top fun fest that was Volcanosaurus? You go BIG! Richard Bonk delivers stunning vicious interior art in this incredible installment – from the fiery depths of the volcano comes the mighty unstoppable V-Rex! An ancient Jurassic beast dripping magma, spewing lava, and hungry for random dumbass victims! Come with us into American Mythology’s Drive In line for Volcanosaurus #2 – V-Rex!

Casper and Wendy #1

(W) Jenni Gregory (A) S.A. Check (CA) Bill Galvan
Everyone’s favorite friendly ghost revisits one of the original Harvey team ups in “Casper And”! Each comic will feature a new Harvey pal as they find all kinds of hysterical mischief they can get into at Casper’s side. This issue features fantastic tales of teamwork between Casper and Wendy the Good Little Witch. What hijinks can these two best of friends get up to? Find out here in a comic book series that is true to the original Harvey look and feel. Go back to your childhood and share modern tales with new generations of Casper fans! Casper And Wendy comes with four covers, Main by Jenni Gregory, Antis by Jeff Scherer, Best Friends by Adrian Ropp, and a special Retailer Retro Animation Incentive Edition.

Pink Panther Vs. The Inspector

Written by: S.A. Check, Todd Livingston Pencils by: Jazz Dela Cuesta, Diego Tapie Inks by: Jazz Dela Cuesta, Diego Tapie
The Inspector has been on the trail of the Pink Panther since the original movie in 1963. At last, this long-standing game of cat and mouse gets the full spotlight in a Pink Panther special issue! Join us for classic cartoon capers that will take you back to your childhood with slapstick humor and hilarious hijinks