Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome to GreenGrass Snippet #2

Hi everyone and welcome to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  What is SciFiFanSat?  Well, it’s a group of authors who share ten sentence snippets from their works and post them up on their blogs with a link over at the main site.  Sounds fun right?  I’ve taken a small break from posting snippets of Stein, my zombie WIP, and a couple weeks ago I shared the opening of my novel, Welcome to GreenGrass.  This week, I decided to share another ten lines from GreenGrass before turning back to Stein.  Make sure you stop over and check out all the great postings at the main site – 
An air horn blared from the street as a hovercraft reversed its undercarriage thrusters and slammed to a stop, bass-driven music thumping from inside the craft. The hooded operator shook a fist out the window at the giant grasshopper pedaling a bicycle-driven carriage in front of him. The pedal cabbie noticed Jerry staring and waved. Jerry sheepishly returned the gesture as Traveller placed a hand on his back, leading him across the sidewalk as Jerry protested.

“This is impossible. Where am I?”

“Oh, it’s more than impossible. This is your new life.”

Traveller outstretched an arm in introduction.

“Welcome to GreenGrass.”
And there you have it.  If you enjoyed the snippet, check out a few chapters for free over on Amazon.  Next week, I’ll get back to Stein.  Have a great weekend and see you in seven!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interview over at Ginger Nuts of Horror

Had a great time talking about writing and my novel Welcome to GreenGrass over at Ginger Nuts of Horror.  Many thanks to Jim Mcleod for having me over there.  This is an awesome site that if you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should!  Here's a link to the article if you'd like to check it out!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome to GreenGrass Snippet #1

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday! Why Saturday you ask? Why not SciFiFan Tuesday morning? Just like the age old questions of the chicken or the egg, why did aliens build the pyramids, and just exactly how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.  What I do know is you should stop over at the main site – and check out all the great writing snippets posted over there.  Since I was lucky enough to have my new novel posted as the featured book at the site all last week (Thanks Laurel), I decided to post the first ten sentences from it this week.  Welcome to GreenGrass is a sci-fi fantasy adventure, blending two of my favorite genres, and sprinkling in a little murder mystery to boot. It’s a fast paced, fun romp through the unpredictable city of GreenGrass and it’s available through Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, my publisher’s site –, and other ebook resources. Click the link to the right if you want to check it out.  Thanks!

There have always been alleys. Whether in a big city, a small town, or the end of the world, the spaces in between, the dark corners of civilization, have always needed a place to breathe. The Mayans had Tikal, Rome raised the bar, and the Big Apple grew into a city that never slept. Too many eyes made secrets difficult to hide. Worlds need those pockets, the urban closets that hide the skeletons of a modern society. Just as sure as the sun rises, even if it’s not the one you’re expecting, there are places that never see the light of day.

 Resting against the fire escape, John Traveller knew as well as any that even the cast-outs and misfits needed a place to call home. For two nights straight, he watched the same alley from his metal perch and all he had to show was a sore back and numb fingers. The dual red moons overhead stared back at him, a constant reminder this world was not his own. Not that he needed any. 

And there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed it and if you liked what you read and want to read more about Traveller and his friends, check out the free preview over at Amazon!  Have a great weekend and see you in seven! (Unless they change the name to SciFiFan Tuesday morning – yeah, I doubt it too)


Friday, January 10, 2014

Stein #12

And we’re off.  Another Saturday, another selection of science fiction and fantasy snippets over at  I hope the new year is off to great start for everyone and we’re gearing up for another great year of some awesome reads.  Be sure to go over to the main site and check out all the other posts submitted this week.  My snippet for this week is from my WIP - STEIN, following Annie, freshly having escaped a group of hungry zombies and finding herself in a garbage dumpster with a mysterious savoir who just saved her life. But for how long? I had to do a little squeezing to get the content I wanted this week but I think it still works.  Enjoy!__________________________________________________
          “My god, what happened to you?” She instinctively reached for his face but drew back her hand.

          Pulling the blanket tight around his shoulders, he slid deeper into the shadows.


          Annie had seen her share of suffering and deformities since the event, fingers, legs, gaping holes, and innards hanging out, but it looked like some drunk had let loose on this poor soul’s face with a dull scalpel and shaking hands syndrome, if there were such a thing, layering tragedy over pain.

         She reached for his shoulder and asked, “What’s your name?”

          “No name.”

          “C’mon, they have to call you something.” Her hand hung in the air.

          “Call me Stein.” 
Hope you enjoyed this week’s snippet and thanks for stopping over at my page.  If you enjoyed this sample of my writing, check out the link to my new novel, Welcome to GreenGrass, over to the right. Have a great weekend and see you in seven!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to GreenGrass hits 1,092 on Amazon Science Fiction eBooks!

Welcome to GreenGrass hit 1,092 on Amazon Science Fiction eBooks thanks in part to the author feature interview the folks over at Book Goodies posted.  It's a great service they run over there and worth a look. I'm excited to be climbing the ranks over at Amazon and watch the book grow.  Thank you to each and every person who took the time to check it out!  I've met and spoken with so many great people during the course of getting this book out.  The writing and reading community really is top notch!

Here's a link to the Book Goodies interview:

Stay warm!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Media art for Welcome to GreenGrass

Here's some sweet media art for Welcome to GreenGrass that I felt compelled to share. It's always a challenge to find new ways to display your work but I thought this turned out rather well.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Stein #11

What do you mean the holidays are over?!  Already?  Time really does speed up the older you get.  Well, happy 2013..crap, I mean 2014!  I’ll be doing that until March.  It’s great to be back in the SFFSat swing of things and I’m happy to be posting again from my WIP – Stein.  When we left poor Annie back in 2013, she was rescued from a horde of rampaging zombies by a mysterious stranger by way of a small hole in the alley dumpster.  With freedom in front of her, she instead feels drawn back to the man who begrudgingly risked his life for her.  Make sure you stop over at the main site and check out the other snippets contributed by some great writers –  Enjoy!

          “Do you live..I mean…is this where you stay?”

          He grunted in reply.

          “Well, thank you for saving me because I really thought I was a goner.” Annie leaned in closer and saw the ragged scar running along the base of his neck.

          “Go ‘way.”

          “Why did it seem like that meat chaser was afraid of you?” Annie shuffled on her knees through the bags of trash and made out a worn knit cap covering small patches on hair on the man’s head.

          “Not afraid.”

          “Look, there’s a small group of survivors holed up in an abandoned garage a couple blocks from here and I was thinking maybe you should come-“

          The man spun to face her and Annie gasped, dropping the lighter in her hand as he barked, “Leave me alone.”

And there you have it.  Welcome 2013 4 and I hope the new year brings everyone whatever goals they have set.  My novel Welcome to GreenGrass came out in November and I’m extremely happy with where it has climbed since them.  If you haven’t checked it out it – here’s a link the amazon site:

          Enjoy the weekend, stay warm, bend with the legs when shoveling your driveway, and I’ll see you in seven!