Friday, February 6, 2015

Maxx Fragg - SciFiFanSat - 02/07/15

Another weekend – another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. A place where writers of fantastical places and people come together to share their stories – one snippet at a time. Don’t believe me – well just click on over to the main site SciFiFanSat and find out for yourself. Got a story of your own? Share some of your own writing and get some feedback along the way.  This week, I’m still sharing from Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. as Maxx and Tane set up the final act before their surprise guest arrives. Flip back and visit my previous posts from Maxx Fragg if you want to stay caught up. Thanks and enjoy.

“Okay, Tane, set up the call.”

Grabbing a black box from his bag, Tane positioned it on the ground next to the stone fireplace.

They both agreed that attention to detail was crucial to pull off jobs but Tane took it to an O.C.D. level at times. Maxx turned to a set of patio doors and the lights of the city below them. Row after row of neon skyscrapers lined the landscape stretching out to the horizon under a dull purple evening sky. The streets below pulsed with endless lines of traffic, diverting and streaming along paved circuit boards, individual bits of data following personal programs. At times, staring into its expanse, it was easy for Maxx to forget it was all fake, a virtual world built out of memory bytes and data chips. Like the advertisements said, within the world of Other Syde, your only limits were your own imagination.

Maxx realized Tane was still fiddling with the cube and snapped, “Anytime this life?”

Tane adjusted it again and stepped back, only to bend down and move it once more. “Ready.”

Maxx’s pulse quickened. His heart thumped against his chest as he braced the modified water cannon against his shoulder, flipping off the safety. Three blue targeting dots zigzagged across the room.

Maxx leaned into the sights and said, “On your call.”

Who’s got their money on what’s answering that call? Telemarketer? Avon lady? Door to door encyclopedia salesman? Stop back next week and follow along. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment along the way – it’s like tipping your literary waiter. Take care and see you in seven.