Friday, December 7, 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet

It’s another Saturday and a fresh batch of Sci-Fi Fantasy Snippets has just been pulled from the oven.  You can almost smell the creativity.  I’ve decided to leave GreenGrass on the shelf this time around and share a snippet from a current WIP.  The story revolves around family, legends, and some lesser known folklore.  I hope you enjoy my contribution this week.  Be sure to check out all of the great authors who post on Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and leave a comment along the way.  They’re always appreciated.  Have a good weekend.   

          “We gettin’ close, Ray, so stay on your tip tops.”

          The flat bottomed boat glided passed a bramble of broken branches massed atop patches of floating vegetation.  All three men aboard the tiny vessel focused on the glowing green eyes that stared back at them from underneath the tangled trees.

          “I think I’d like my chances wit’ dat ol’ boy than what we’re after tonight,” Jimmy quipped as he kept the reptiles eyes reflecting in his flashlight’s beam until they passed.  He nervously rubbed a carved gris gris held by a rope around his neck and called over his shoulder.

          “Hope you brought a good luck charm of your own, Cap’n.  Me and Ray ain’t never been on no witch hunt ‘fore.”

          Securing a weathered journal into his shoulder satchel, the grizzled man hunched in the rear of the boat stared up into the starless blackened sky.

          “It’s a cauchemar to be exact, my friends.  A dead witch.”