Friday, June 1, 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet #2

          Hi, all!  This is my second snippet from the same series stemming from my novel  Welcome To GreenGrass.  Last week, I intro’d the main character, John Traveller, who was in the process of saving a newbie who had just been portalled into the strange new city of GreenGrass via a back alley.  In this week’s snippet, Traveller is giving Jerry, the man from the alley, an impromptu break down of the dynamics of his new home as he escorts him to the human quarter of the city.  Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!  This is a great site and I’m having as much fun reading all the other great snippets as I am submitting my own.  Be sure to check them all out.   

          “There’s a power struggle here between the enchanters and the technologists but Diandelia’s still the main man.  He’s an enchanter that’s said to have been here since the beginning but recently the technologists are making a power play to take control and they keep staking claim to more and more of what used to be run by the magic folk.  See, a lot of the people that wind up here from their home worlds come with some special abilities from whatever race they are, be it magic or some type of extra gift.  Humans, well, most see us as bottom rung because we don’t have anything special to contribute and we’re just taking up space.  Don’t step on the squid kids, Jerry.”  Traveller pointed in front of them.

          Jerry froze in mid step and peered down at four small amoebas slithering out from a shop door.  He cautiously stepped back as a high pitched wail emitted from inside the store.  A much larger squid wearing a red flower on its head stood at the counter and motioned a frantic tentacle toward her small ones, who obediently wriggled back inside, leaving a trail of yellow slime behind them.

          “Oh, I’m sorry… ma’am?” Jerry sheepishly waved an apology.

          Traveller shook his head and moved on.