Friday, March 29, 2013

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday - 03/29/13

Welcome to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!  I’m hoping everyone has enjoyed the snippets I’ve provided to one of my current WIP’s, Myth-In-Law, so far.  This week, we’re staying with Sam’s Grandfather as he makes his way back after remembering Sam’s pending birthday and the mysterious importance behind it.  If you have a chance, please check out the other snippets I’ve posted here for Myth-In-Law and make sure you head on over to and read ALL the fantastic writing submitted by a group of terrific authors over there.  They’re worth the read!  Here’s hoping for a great weekend to all and a little added entertainment as you cruise the author blogs.  Comments are always welcome and followers appreciated! 

          Professor Livingwood checked the RV’s speedometer, which was pegged at eighty-five.  He’d promised Sam’s father to watch out for the boy and when the time came to be there to help with the transition.  Another broken promise on a growing list to atone for.  
          A horn snapped the professor’s attention back to the road.  The wheels of the RV had crossed the double yellow line and he focused on the pink stuffed animal fastened to the grill of the eighteen wheeler bearing down on him.  Overcompensating to avoid the collision, the RV swerved right and strayed off the road. 
          “Stupid old fool.”
          Bringing the camper to a stop alongside the highway, the professor saw the red glare of the eighteen wheeler’s brake lights in his side mirror and heard the metal behemoth’s wheels chirping as it skidded to a stop a couple hundred feet behind him.
          “I just chased down a dead witch in the New Orleans’s bayou but almost became road chowder because of careless driving.  I need to focus, for Sam.”

Friday, March 22, 2013

SciFiFanSat Post - Myth-In-Law

Hi!  Welcome to another snippet contribution for Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!  I’ve been having a great time posting from one of my current WIP’s, Myth-In-Law.  I figured I’d give Sam the week off and check in on his grandpa – Professor Livingston.  The last time we saw him, he was hunting a cauchemar (dead witch) in the bayous of Louisiana before remembering Sam’s pending birthday.  I hope you enjoy this week’s installment and if you’re so inclined please take a look back at some of the past snippets from Myth-In-Law.  Make sure you check out all the talented authors and other great writing going on over at  As always, comments are greatly appreciated and truly do help keep the creative fires burning.  Enjoy!

          TJ’s Truck Stop – 15 miles south of Tuscaloosa Alabama
          “Where in the blazes is that boy?”  Professor Livingwood slammed the handset against the side of the payphone. 
          The soft thump of the gas pump releasing from its locking mechanism caught his attention and he removed the nozzle from his RV’s gas tank and replaced the handle.  Wiping a dirt laden hand over his bloodshot eyes, the Professor entered the convenience mart and eyed the thinly built cashier behind the counter.  The boy, no more than eighteen, wore a faded flannel shirt and a flat brimmed ball cap pulled low on his eyes.
          The professor pulled a couple bottles of water from a cooler near the counter and relished in the cold breeze before sliding a handful of twenties across the counter.
          “Any idea how far it is until the next gas station with a working phone?”
          The young cashier looked up and said, “Ever hear of something called a cell phone?”
          “I found they don’t mix well with swamp water.”

Friday, March 15, 2013

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday - Myth-In-Law

It’s another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!  Here’s hoping your weekend is full of reading (and writing) goodness.  My contribution for this week is staying with one of my WIP’s, Myth-In-Law.  If you haven’t had a chance, please take a look at the earlier entries from this same work.  In this snippet, Sam finally figured out the secret to opening the mysterious book given to him by an equally mysterious stranger but before the big reveal happens, he gets another surprise visitor.  Hope you enjoy.  Please make sure you go over to and check out all the fabulous writers and their awesomnastic (that’s a word right?) writing snippets.  As always, along the way, if you could spare a few comments for myself and the other paupers of print, they go a long way!  Thanks!   

          “I can’t believe you’re doing homework on your birthday.  Why don’t you take a break and come down to the kitchen with me?”
          Sam’s mom peeked around the corner into the library as he slid the book back into the school bag at his feet. 
         “I’m just doing a little research for a project.  What’s downstairs?”
          “I’ve got a surprise for you.”
          Sam kicked the bag farther under the desk and mumbled, “As long as it’s not a talking dirt devil.”
          His mom was halfway down the hall.  “By the way, would you know anything about the giant hole in my kitchen ceiling?”
          “No idea.”

Friday, March 1, 2013

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

          Welcome to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and a fresh writing snippet from one of my WIP’s – Myth-In-Law.  The secrets of Sam’s mystery book are at his fingertips and all to be revealed.  Maybe.  I hope you enjoy this week’s contribution and if you haven’t, please check back at some of the earlier snippets.  Make sure you check out all the great writing over at . There’s a bunch of fantastic writers over there that provide some entertaining weekend reading.  Leave a few comments along the way, they’re always appreciated!

          Opening the center desk drawer, Sam bent the end of a paperclip into a hook and fished around inside the book’s binding until he felt resistance.  Gently tugging at paused intervals, he pulled out a gold ring emblazoned with an intricately detailed crucifix.
          Noticing the inscription inside the ring, Same held his flashlight closer and read, “ Ex umbra in Solem.  Looks like we have a winner.”
          Sam aligned the ring’s cross with the clasp and the book vibrated against the desk top.   The computer screen next to him flickered with images of bizarre creatures and pages from unknown texts.  A gust of wind slammed a tree limb against the library window, startling him out of the chair.
          “Come on, just open the thing.”
          Inching his hand closer to the clasp, he felt the key touch the lock and he held his breath as he turned.
          “Sam, I’m home!”