Friday, January 25, 2013

          Thanks for stopping over for another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  It’s cold outside here and the perfect time to catch up on some reading or churn out some writing pages.  I hope you enjoy this week’s snippet.  This one again comes from one of my current works in progress that deals with a young boy, Sam, and his unique family history that he’s only now beginning to learn about.  The snippet picks up after Sam’s harrowed bridge crossing and crash and the mysterious voice at the end of the tunnel, literally.  I appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop and read and if you could leave a comment or two, all the better.  Please make sure you check out all the great snippets over at the main site.  They’re a talented group of writers who make the weekend a little more enjoyable by sharing their work.

          “Who said that?”
           Sam spun around and saw a small earthen tornado swirling behind him with the faint outline of a man trapped inside.
          A dirt covered arm protruded from the vortex.  “I got somethin’ for you.”
          Sam heaved a rock at the mass, aiming for what he figured was the head, and shouted,   “Leave me alone!”
          The stone ricocheted inside the roiling dust storm and erupted back out, embedding into the ground between Sam’s legs.
          “Glad to see ya got some fight in you.”
          Sam pushed his legs along the ground to gain some distance and swore he could make out a cowboy hat on the figure’s head.
          “Who are you?”
          “Your dad sent me, dingus.”

Friday, January 18, 2013

Science Fiction Fantasy Snippet


          Happy Saturday All!  I’m glad to be back putting out another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet.  I continue to be impressed with the quality of work that shows up on this site on a weekly basis by a growing band of fantastic authors.  This week I decided to use a dialogue heavy snippet as opposed to the mostly narrative piece I posted last week.  Just for a little backstory – the prior two snippets I’ve posted for my current WIP have had Sam’s grandfather in the swamps of Louisiana looking for a cauchemar (dead witch) and last week we found Sam crossing an ominous covered bridge on his bike only to wreck and encounter a stranger with, as yet, unexplained intentions.  I backed up a bit with this week’s snippet right before the covered bridge episode.  I hope you enjoy.  Please make sure you check out all the other great snippets offered up over at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and if you can take a moment to leave a few words – I know it’s appreciated by all the contributors.

          She called over her shoulder, “Are you coming or what?”
          Sam pressed down on his pedals to catch up before answering, “It’s only another two minutes down the path, Mary, and it’s not like you’re going to invite me inside for a snack.” 
          “You know my parents have like a sixth sense about people in the house when they’re not around.”
          Sam jumped over a small branch with his bike and looked over to make sure Mary was watching.  “You know, you wouldn’t be as freaked out about going home if your parents hadn’t bought like the scariest house in the county.”
          “Yeah, conveniently the real estate agent forgot to mention that, not that my parents would have cared since they don’t believe in ghosts.”
          “What about you?”
          “I wish I didn’t.”
          “What’s that supposed to mean, Mary?”

Friday, January 11, 2013

Science Fiction Fantasy Snippet - 01/12/13

          Welcome to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season and got in some quality reading.  For this snippet I stayed with the same WIP I worked from for my last contribution.  It focuses on a young boy, Sam, and how his colorful and unexpected family history comes crashing into his life.  The story deals with legends and lore and the power of imagination.  I hope you enjoy.  Lastly, make sure that you check out all of the snippets contributed this round by a truly talented group of writers and leave a few comments along the way.  It’s like tipping your literary waiter.

          Sam locked the brakes on his bike, eyeing the covered bridge in front of him.  A small creek flowed below it, spreading the smell of mountain laurel native to the area.  Supported by decades old railroad planks, Sam had never questioned their ability to support his weight during the timed five seconds it took him to cross.  The sight of the shadowed expanse always drew him back to his favorite ballad of one doomed Ichabod Crane and his fateful encounter with the headless rider.  His foot hovered over the pedal as he listened for the sound of approaching hoofs, glancing behind him before he jolted out over the aged timbers.   The bike’s almost flat rear wheel slowed him down as it thumped across each board, jarring his neck and shoulders with each rotation.  Sam glanced into the dark recesses of the rafters as a swirl of dust darted in from outside, catching him by surprise.  Pain shot through both eyes as he shot out the other end of the bridge.  His front wheel struck a rut in rough cut dirt road and Sam soared over the handle bars, landing head first into a bank of dandelions.
          A hoarse voice called out behind him, “It’s time, Sam.”