Friday, July 11, 2014

STEIN #21 - 07/12/14

Hi, All!  Glad to be back here on Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday after a few weeks’ hiatus.  Summer is in full swing.  The days are running long and yet time seems to run even shorter.  This week I’m sharing the last snippet in my WIP – STEIN.  It’s been fun while it lasted but I think it’s time to move on.  I hope you’ve enjoyed all the snippets I’ve shared from this ongoing project.  To read all of the posts from STEIN, I have links attached to the last snippet I posted a few weeks back.  Be sure to check out all the fantastic writing over at the main site – and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

          “Now, why did you go and break my favorite rifle?”

          The man pushed through the small crowd that had formed around Stein, who still held the carcass of the broken firearm in his hands.  In his early sixties with a long gray beard and glasses, the man stood in front of Stein grinning and waiting for an answer.

          By the attention this man drew, Stein figured him for their leader.  Experience had taught him to deal with these situations delicately or he’d find himself on the wrong end of a mob’s pitchfork.  He knew he should choose his words carefully.

          “Maybe next time I’ll break your lackey’s ne-”

           “Never mind about the gun,” Annie cut in and grabbed the rifle out of Stein’s hand while simultaneously shooting him a dirty look.  “Maybe we can fix it, Cliff.”

          “I take it this is the friend you were talking about.”  Mr. Cliff accepted the broken gun from Annie.

          “This is him, in all his grumpy glory,” Annie said.

          “Well, Mr. Stein, if Annie vouches for you then I guess you’ve found yourself a new home,” Mr. Cliff said as he extended his arm towards the garage.

          Home.  That was a word Stein hadn’t heard in a long time and he wasn’t sure if he was ready to hear again.

And there you have it!  I’d love some comments on how you felt about the story as it’s progressed so far.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll be sharing some new material soon.  Seeya in Seven!