Friday, May 24, 2013

Myth-In-Law SciFiFanSat Post

What?  You mean its Saturday again?  Man, a week goes by fast but for us here in the states, we have an extra-long weekend while we celebrate Memorial Day AND we get a fresh new batch of some great Science Fiction and Fantasy snippets courtesy of the fantastic authors over at .  Does it really get any better than this?  This week, finally, I’m bringing my current scene from my WIP, Myth-In-Law, to a close as Professor Livingwood finishes up his game of road chicken with a mysterious on-coming black semi.  For those of you who have enjoyed this section – thanks again for all the comments.  They really mean a lot throughout the writing process.  I think I’ll be giving this story a rest for a while here but I’ll try to be back next week with something fresh.  Thanks again and I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out all the great writing going on over at the main blog.  Twitter tag - #SFFSAT.         

          Maybe it was the stress, probably some type of pre-death anxiety that warped his perceptions of reality.  The Prof wasn’t sure but he watched the semi’s cab touch the front of his RV and instead of the eruption of metal on metal, mass times force and the like, the rolling black monolith melded into the front of his vehicle. 
          Time slowed and the RV floated above the heated asphalt on a cloud of air, oblivious to its damaged wheel as the vehicles intertwined, the two windshields melting together.  Open jawed; the Prof stared at the other driver, his black trench coat flapped in the imaginary breeze as gloved hands clenched a giant steering wheel.  A black top hat rested on the man’s head, his face swathed in shadows as he turned to face the professor.  His voice filled the combined cabins, coming from everywhere and yet nowhere, a hollow whisper filled with pain.
          “I’m getting stronger old man.”
          The Professor forced his voice to sound calmer than he felt and asked, “Where’s Sam?”
          “Too late….”  The ghost voice trailed off as time caught up to itself and the rest of the tractor trailer sped through the RV in a disorienting flash. 

Friday, May 17, 2013



          It’s another Saturday ripe with Science Fiction and Fantasy goodness.  Thanks for checking in on my latest snippet from one of my current WIP, Myth-In-Law.  We’re in the middle of a game of road chicken between Sam’s wayward grandfather, the ever animated Professor Livingwood and a blackened eighteen wheeler with dubious intentions.  I’ve been stretching this scene out for a few weeks but it has been so much fun posting that I can’t stop.  I hope you enjoy and as always, please leave a few comments after reading – I appreciate the feedback.  Make sure you stop over at and read snippets from all of the great writers over there.  Twitter tag #SFFSat.  You’ll be glad you did.  Enjoy!         

          The semi’s air horns blared, flames shooting from the tops of the exhaust pipes mounted on either side of the cab.  The twisted version of a child’s stuffed toy trapped in the monster’s grill ramped its stubbed arms up and down, thrusting like a mad skier fleeing an avalanche as it bore down on its mark.   
          Professor Livingwood gripped the steering wheel with his left hand low, ready for the pending evasive action - seven seconds.  The tractor trailer’s horn howled against the wind and he could feel its rage through his windshield - six seconds.  The old girl was going to make it, another notch in their continued adventure - five seconds.  Gliding into the opposite lane, he watched the rig mirror his move to give him some extra space - four seconds.
          The pop under the engine compartment was unmistakable.  The professor watched from the side mirror as the rubber carnage that was his front tire scattered along the highway behind him. 
          The RV jerked to his left and the Prof looked back through the windshield as death closed
in on him.  He crossed his arms over his head, bracing for impact, and said, “I’m sorry, Sam,”

Friday, May 10, 2013

SciFiFan Post Myth-In-Law

Hi All!!  It’s another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday and after a brief hiatus, I’m back in the saddle with one of the WIP’s, Myth-In-Law.  I know I kind of left everyone hanging with my last post and Sam’s grandfather, the Professor, about to engage in a bout of road chicken with a demonic eighteen wheeler.  I’m glad everyone seemed to enjoy where the story is heading and I promise to finish up the sequence in the next couple sequences.  Thanks for reading and if you need a refresher, feel free to check out the other snippets I’ve posted from this work here and on Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  As always, please take some time to check out all of the fantastic authors over at their site and if you could be so kind, please leave a few comments.  They are always appreciated.  Enjoy!!

          The RV’s wheels lurched forward as the Professor put his plan into motion, literally.  It wasn't the best laid of ideas but with him they rarely were.  He only had one shot at this but he’d risk anything to get back to Sam. 
          He made it fifty feet down the road as the tractor trailer’s wheels squealed, dark smoke billowing from the rear tires of the cab.  He swore he heard the stuffed rabbit serving as the rig’s masthead laughing as they approached one another.  The space between these rolling mechanical giants closed with each passing second and the dirt pull off the Professor spied adjacent to the highway seemed closer to the rig than his own RV.  He figured what he lost to the big rig in weight and horsepower, he made up for in pickup speed, enough to get him to the safety of the rest area before he became road pizza.
          “Come on, Bessie, we can do this.”
          They’d logged a lot of miles together, him and his faithful old RV, crossed the country more times than he could remember; a wintry sled ride down the back side of the Rockies in search of Edison’s device to speak to the dead, through the Redwoods of Washington on watch for a rampaging Sasquatch.  Another ten seconds and he’d make it to the turnoff.