Friday, July 27, 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet #3

         Hi again, all.  The bustle of summer keeps everyone extra busy but I wanted to get back into the mix and submit another snippet from the GreenGrass universe.  I appreciate all the comments from the previous entries and look forward to participating in this week’s fun.  Just for the sake of catching up, the past entries from my novel Welcome to GreenGrass had John Traveller, misplaced police officer from Earth, trapped in the alien city of GreenGrass and saving a newbie from a couple of street predators before explaining the new rules the city lives by.  Thanks for reading and make sure you check out all the other great Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday contributors!  

          As he walked back towards the market district, Traveller wondered how many times had he done this?  How many inserts had he escorted from their impromptu births into GreenGrass to whatever new section of this town they’d eventually call home?

          He crossed through the Technologist quarter with their shiny skyscrapers scaling up to the top of the dome, interlaced with corridors and walkways between the glass and steel behemoths, like one huge computer component entwined with wire and cable.  Hover crafts and humanoids harnessing personal propulsion systems floated down the street as if putting their feet to the ground would be an affront to them.  Traveller preferred moving around the city on his own power.  While everyone else opted for cyber enhancements and magical trinkets to help them get by, he was determined to stay the same as when he first portalled through.  If he allowed himself to become too immersed in the culture, he feared getting lost in this new life.
          He passed the twin offices of Kolan and Strakus.  The lights were dim in the upper floors of one of the towers but the other bustled with activity and burned bright, which seemed odd at this time of the setting.  Traveller felt the rhythic hum of generators and processors that kept this section of GreenGrass running.  Exiting the tech sector, he made his way back into the market, passed where he rescured Jerry earlier, and finally stopped in front of a brick and wooden two story structure.  Home.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hanging with Raw Dog Screaming Press

     I attended the In Your Write Mind Writing Conference recently at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA and got to hang out with Jennifer Barnes and John Lawson from Raw Dog Screaming Press.  A nicer couple you'll never meet.  It was a great weekend and I enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones in the process.  The only down side was that John called me "shorty" the whole time.

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