Friday, June 28, 2013

Snips And Snails #3


          Hi everyone!  Thanks for joining me for another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  I’ve been having a lot of fun sharing from a short story titled Snips and Snails and this week is the third installment.  It’s a short I did a few years ago about fear and what it means in today’s society – kinda.  In case you missed the earlier snippets, jump back on my blog here to check them out.  I did a little cosmetic surgery to the site but still with the same great content and half the calories.  Make sure you check out all the great authors over at and get your weekend fill of science fiction / fantasy.  It’s a regular cornucopia of reading goodness.  Enjoy.  ‘Nuff said. 

          A door slammed closed and footsteps echoed outside as his tormentor approached.  He braced in the corner of the small room as the door flung open.
          Light flooded the chamber, blinding him as he shielded his eyes with his hand.  He saw the anger in his captor’s eyes and wondered if the contempt in his own was that obvious.
          “C’mon, what are you waiting for?  You can’t hide in my closet all night.”
          Lumbering to his feet, the creature wedged through the small door out into a mess of a bedroom.  Discarded toys and handheld video games lay strewn across the room, interspersed between piles of dirty clothing and the smell of, as best he could determine, three day old pizza stuffed under the bed.      

          Grabbing a tuft of hair on the creature’s arm, the young boy pulled the creature towards a desk in the corner.  A computing device used by some humans sat on the table with a giant viewing device mounted directly to the wall.

Friday, June 14, 2013


          Hi all!  Thanks for joining me again for another edition of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  Let’s hope the weekend is in full swing for you and there’s something exciting on the agenda over the next couple days.  This week I’m continuing with another snippet from Snips and Snail, a short graphic comic script that I developed a few years ago.  Last week’s snippet was the first from the story, so if you didn’t read, you only have to go back one week to catch up.  The story is focused on fear and how it has developed over the years and maybe a glimpse into society’s mindset regarding violence.  I hope you enjoy.  Happy Pappy’s Day to those it applies to.  Before you’re done for the weekend – be sure to go over to and peruse all of the great writing and writers happening over there.  You’ll be glad you did.

          Eyes glowing in phosphorous sparks, he traced the scars running along his forearm between tufts of matted hair as he remembered his glory days.  In Madrid, the villagers wrote him into song. In Frankfurt, they cast him in bronze.  History books were the photo albums of his past as nations rose and fell around him.  Then the Newlands came, bringing fresh flesh to turn pale and countless young minds to blacken.
          Until it all turned wrong and the same gateway that brought him countless hours of scream-filled exuberance became his personal prison.  With a clawed forefinger, he added a slash to a growing list of similar marks along the wall beside him. 
          He accidentally kicked a box in the corner and a robotic voice called out.

          “Intruder alert!  Photon lasers activated!”


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Friday, June 7, 2013

Snips and Snails - #1


          Summer Saturday to do list -  1)  Cut grass 2)  Wash Car 3)  Participate in Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!!!  What better to wallow away a Saturday afternoon than perch up in your favorite hammock with the electronic device of your choosing and write, read, or better yet both some great SciFi/Fan writing with some truly great writers.  I’ve been sharing snippets from a WIP, Myth-In-Law, for the last several weeks but I think it  has ran its course, for now.  Thanks for all the great comments and feedback.  I’m still hacking away at that story but I felt like moving on.  I had an eight page script that I proposed for a comic anthology a few years ago that I decided to turn in a short story.  While some of the visuals may be lost in translation, I’m hoping to convert it and keep it entertaining.  I may even throw in a few of the quick sketches I did along the way.  The story, Snips and Snails, is short tale about fear and what it means in our modern world.  I hope you enjoy.  Please take a few minutes to share a comment or two and, if you like, maybe even follow along on my blog.  Please make sure you jump over to and check out all of the fantastic writing contributed by the vast array of great authors over there.

          The room echoed in the night, a blank expanse of shadows.  Searching and stretching under a blackened pocket of fear, shrouded by the doubts of men and home to the creaks and bumps that kept children from their slumber, he waited.
          He was born into darkness, his home and guarded sanctuary since youth.  Nursed on midnight and lullabied by the screech of the owl, the obsidian expanse enveloped him like a security blanket to a babe. 
          Eyes, devoid of pupils, admired the ebony details of his environment that most chose to avoid.  Holding a hand near his face, he admired the dull reflection cast from his clawed fingers.  Each bloodstained nail held a hundred stories of conquest and glorious rampage, bringing a slight grin as he ran his tongue over his fangs, relishing in his gore-filled memories.

          They had feared him in Bangladesh, cowering at his sight.  He kept them quiet under blood red moons, in the pastures and crude towns, his existence giving birth to the lantern.