Friday, April 19, 2013

SciFiSat Post

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday!  Sit back and enjoy another snippet from one of my WIP’s – Myth-In-Law.  Last week, Professor Livingwood was making a mad dash home to his grandson, Sam, who had just received a mysterious book from an even more mysterious stranger.  The Prof’s trip was interrupted by an erratic tractor trailer and demonic pink bunny (guess you’ll have to go back and read that snippet).  This week we’re thrown back into the midst of ongoing road rage.  Let’s see how the Prof handles it.  Thanks for reading!  It you can, leave a comment – always appreciated  - AND please make sure you check out all the great writers and writing over at  It’s worth the trip! (Especially with current gas prices).

          His pursuer gained ground, pulling into the lane beside him.  The RV’s engine knocked in resistance to the abuse.  Professor Livingwood watched out his window as the black length of rolling steel pulled up next to him.  Tinted glass concealed the driver as a voice called out through a crack in the window. 
          “The boy is mine!”
          Knowing his chances of outrunning the rig were non-existent, the professor let off the gas as the rig rolled passed him.  After putting a couple hundred yards between them, the tractor locked its brakes as the cab pivoted and the trailer slid sideways, almost jack knifing as it spun to face the professor’s RV again.  The engine growled as the mystery driver gunned the motor and the wheels involuntarily jerked forward and smoked.
          Professor Livingwood smirked and stomped down on the gas.  “Road chicken it is then.”

Friday, April 12, 2013

SciFiFanSat Post - 04/13/13

It’s that time of week – Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!  And what better way to wallow away a spring day than reading.  This week’s snippet again comes from one of my WIP’s, Myth-In-Law.  Sam Livingwood is a normal teenager but his lineage is anything but average.  After receiving a mysterious book from a human twister, Sam finds his world slowly unraveling as he delves further into his family’s secrets.  Professor Livingwood, Sam’s grandfather, had to leave his witch hunting expedition in the New Orlean’s bayou in a rush as he races to get back to Sam before the true consequences of their blood line are revealed.  In the last snippet, Professor Livingwood had a close call with an oncoming tractor trailer while trying to get home to Sam.  In the clear, he pushes on in a race against time.  Thanks for taking the time to check out this snippet.  I hope you enjoy it.  Comments are always appreciated!  Don’t forget to click over to and check out all the great authors and their writing snippets there.          

          The professor reached out the window and casually waved as his eased the RV back onto the road.  It wasn’t until he hit a comfortable seventy-five and checked his rear view mirror twice that he set the cruise control and bit off the protective wrapper from a nearby beef stick.  Savoring the smoked flavored snack, he fumbled for the road map that had fallen between the seats, making sure to keep one eye on the road ahead.  He needed to make it to Sam by nightfall and there was a lot of road left to travel.
          Something slammed into the back of the camper and the whole cabin shook.  Professor Livingston locked both hands on the wheel and saw the trailer portion of a blackened eighteen wheeler from his side mirror.  The rig pushed against the back of his RV, forcing him all over the highway. 
          Punching down on his accelerator, he felt the pop of the two vehicles disengaging and pulled far enough away to see the front cab in his mirror.  The pink stuffed bunny strapped to the grill smiled at him, its eyes glowing hot red.
          “He must have hit me harder than I thought.”