Friday, February 5, 2016

Maxx Fragg - Domestic Miss

Welcome to 2016! What? It's February already. Where does the time go? Thanks for joining me for another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. I hope the year has been good to everyone so far. This week, I'm sharing from my latest novel, Maxx Fragg, VPI and I've decided to share something different from the book. I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you stop over at the main site by clicking SciFiFanSat and check out the contributions from the rest of this week's authors.
“Don’t make me rip that thing off you!” The voice was female, angry, and Maxx guessed about six inches from his face.
He felt the pillow under his neck and gripped the leather arms of his chair. Transferring back from Other Syde was always a little disorienting and it took a minute to get his bearings. Having someone screaming in your ear didn’t help.
“You’re missing supper, again.”
Her curly brown hair wrapped softly around her face, barely touching the wire rims of her glasses. The worry lines surrounding her eyes spread to her temples. Maxx grew to recognize the look well over the last six months. A lecture loomed in his immediate future.
“We’ve talked about you spending all your time in that computer world. It’s not healthy. You’re going to be nothing but a bag of bones. Not to mention you’re responsible for the garbage, which is three bags deep in the kitchen.”
“I know, Mom, computers bad, garbage good.”
A little domestic turmoil for poor Maxx. If you haven't already, check out the blurb for the book, or pick up a copy of your own at my website S.A. Check . I won't mind. Really. If you get a chance, take a second to check out the Kickstarter running for the new The Three Stooges comic that I'm a contributing writer on from American Mythology Productions. Here's the link -
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