Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Zombie Standing #9

And here we go! Another Saturday is upon us and another round of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday is here to liven up our reading pleasures. Take a minute to stop over at the main site and check out the contributions from all the writers this week by clicking HERE . This week, I’m sharing from my short story Last Zombie Standing and we’re getting close to the finale. The necronaut battle royal is in full swing and the winner could very well save the planet. Read on to find out who takes home the prize. If you need to catch up on a couple of the installments, just scroll down last week’s snippet where I listed links to all of them. Thanks and Enjoy!_________________________________________________________________
          The Russian tore Zulu-2’s arm off at the shoulder, using it as a club to pound against Zulu-1.  Zulu-2 stumbled away from the fight and fell against the motorized rabbit on the ground. The mechanical guide sprang to life and shot across the pulsating energy field, striking the Russian cosmonaut’s leg. The nozzle on top exploded, soaking both zombies with the remaining blood.
            Like two sharks in a feeding frenzy, Zulu-1 and the Russian ripped into each other, tearing and biting with bare-boned fingers and teeth. The larger zombie grabbed Zulu-1’s head and roared as it tore it free. Zulu-1 flailed backwards before falling with an almost inaudible thud into the lunar turf.  What was left of the Russian moved in to finish its meal but tripped over Zulu-2’s dismembered arm.  It struck the ground face first, driving what was left of the telescoping pole through its skull.
          “Kingston, we won,” the general said.
          Zulu-2 stood next to its fallen combatants, staring blankly into the horizon at the blue and green orb in the distance. The dome fell silent except for the quiet sizzling of burnt flesh.
          The mike on Zulu-2’s shoulder crackled.
          “Sir, what have we become?” Kingston asked.

          Well, we have a winner but what exactly have they won? Stay tuned for the answers. I hope you’ve been enjoying the story and please leave a comment on your way out. The release of my new novel Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. is only about a month away. Take a second to check out the blurb here on my blog or stop over at my website . Enjoy the weekend and see you in seven!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Zombie Standing Snippet #8

          Welcome back to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday! I hope everyone’s summer is going well and you’re getting some great reading under your favorite shady spot. Things are definitely heating up on the moon as our two necronauts have broken through the mysterious energy barrier to claim the general’s prize only to run into a dead Russian cosmonaut with his own plans for the energy source. If you haven’t been following along, I’ve listed the previous snippets here for you to catch up. Make sure you stop over at the main site and check out all the great contributions this week by clicking HERE . Enjoy!

          “They’re being torn apart,” the general shouted.
          “That was the whole reason the Zulu Space Initiative was chosen for this mission, sir,” Kingston said. “What doesn’t make sense is why an alien culture would initiate contact with us and just happen to have a solution to our energy crisis but send it wrapped in an power sphere no human could access.” 
          The dome convulsed again as the cat’s carcass broke the perimeter, followed by the dead Russian a few steps behind.
          “Don’t let him near that box,” the general ordered.  
          The Russian necronaut headed straight for the energy source as Zulu 1 caught the dead feline’s scent and attacked, biting deep into its side in one sweeping motion. The larger zombie smelled the fresh blood on Zulu 1’s face and wrestled him to the ground, clawing at his clenched jaws. Zulu-2 sprang in from the side, grasping at the animal remains still clinging to the Russian’s lead pole. The Russian turned on Zulu-2, snapping the tension rod. Zulu-1 lashed out at the Russian with a skeletal fist, knocking its jaw from its head.
          “That’s it, show him how an American zombie takes care of business,” the general said.
          “Actually, sir, they’re Canadian.” 
          “What?” the general bellowed.
          “We had to outsource to stay within budget,” Kingston said.
          “Stars and stripes, just get me that box!”

          Oh boy. What’s a zombie to do? Stay tuned and find out as we wrap this one up in the next couple weeks just in time to start sharing from my upcoming novel, Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. It’ll be coming out September 3rd from Ink Smith Publishing. Check out the awesome cover art here on my page or over at my website . If you want to read the blurb from the coming soon section over at my publisher’s website - Ink Smith Publishing. Thanks for stopping by, comments welcome! See you in seven!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Last Zombie Standing Snippet #7

          If you’re looking for government controlled Necronauts doing battle on the moon, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for stopping by and welcome back to another edition of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, a place where fantasy and speculative fiction authors meet and share snippets from new and existing works. This week the saga of the Necronauts continues as Zulu 1 and 2 finally breach the mysterious dome of energy and package that the general have been raving about. But will they be around long enough to bring it back to him? Read on and see. Before you go, make sure that you stop over at the main site by clicking HERE and enjoy all the contributions from this week’s authors. Enjoy.­­­­­___________________________________________________________________________
          “What the hell is that dangling in front of him?” the general asked.
          “It appears to be a dead cat, sir,” Kingston answered.  “It looks like they’ve attached a telescoping pole to its suit’s helmet, slightly more primitive but it appears to be effective.”
          “I don’t care if it’s Hitler’s head!  Just get these two stiffs moving before big dead red beats us to the punch.”
          “Sir, I just don’t think-“
          “Don’t think, just do, or I’ll come down there and shoot you myself.”
          “Yes, sir.”
          The robotic rabbit unleashed a double dose of blood into the air as it scurried forward, sending both zombies into a frenzy.  Zulu-2 howled into space, driven by hunger and pain. Their mechanized guide broke through the energy barrier as its engines died, stopping a few feet inside the dome. The necronauts followed close behind. The moment they crossed the shimmering threshold, waves of pure power tore into their suits, stripping away their lunar gear and tearing into their flesh. Without the sanguine enticement of their robot aid, both zombies stopped, searching for motivation as their skin tore away, exposing the bone underneath. ______________________________________________________________
          The mission is starting to unravel, literally. Let’s hope Z 1 and 2 can hold it together, again, literally. The mystery of the box and sphere deepens but now we see why it was no job for an ordinary astronaut. Tune in next week as the lunar chess match continues. Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought. They’re always appreciated. My next novel – Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. will be out on September 3rd from Ink Smith Publishing. Check out the cover art here on my blog and also over at my website - S.A. Check for a snippet from the book! Have a great weekend.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Last Zombie Standing Snippet #6

          Welcome back to another edition of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday! I hope the weekend is going well and you’re stopping by for a quick fix of Sci-Fi/Fantasy writing to get you through the day. As always, stop over at the main site by clicking HERE to enjoy the contributions from all of the great writers this week. You’ll be glad you did. This week I’m sharing more from my short story – Last Zombie Standing. If you haven’t had a chance to keep up or it’s your first time here, just click the links on my page to catch up with the previous snippets. The mystery deepens as our two necronauts close in on the general’s prize until an unexpected guest shows up. Hope you enjoy!___________________________________________________________________

          A blue light shimmered in the distance, half buried in the dirt. Waves of energy emitted from the core forming a veritable hemi-sphere of pulsating power.  
          “Enough power to fuel an entire nation,” the general said. 
         “Giddee up, doggies,” the general wailed as he sent another jolt of electricity coursing through the dead astronauts.
          Both necronauts stumbled down the hill towards the glowing mass as Zulu 2’s mike activated.
          “Sir, I think we may have a problem.”
          “Don’t tell me you can’t handle a bunch of geeky scientists, Bravo One.” 
          “Actually, this is the geeky scientist, sir.”
          “Kingston, where the hell is my Bravo Team?”
          “We remotely trapped them in an air-lock and cut off their radio capabilities.  More importantly, sir, we’ve detected another landing, not far from Zulu 1 and 2’s current position.  We think it’s the Russians.”
          “What?” the general asked as he panned Zulu 1’s shoulder camera to the left. “By God, look at the size of him. It’s a Ruskie zombie!”

          It looks like getting their prize isn’t going to be as easy as they’d hope. I’m betting on reserved and well-thought negotiations to get them through this dilemma. Yeah, right. Get ready for some Zombie Smack-Down! Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment on your way out and don’t forget to tip the waiter. Be sure to stop over at my website – I’m hoping for a cover reveal for Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. in the near future. I already got a sneak peek and I’m looking forward to showing it off.