Friday, September 20, 2013

Stein Snippet #2

Here we go on another Science Fiction Fantasy weekend go round.  I’m back into the swing after taking a few weeks off and last week I decided to start a new story (is this like writer therapy? – share with the group).  This one is still untitled but it’s moving along nicely.  I think.  I’ve toyed around with some zombie adventures before but I figured this was a great venue to spread my un-dead wings and see where it takes me.  We pick up directly from last week and Annie’s on the run from a hungry zombie mob.  Let’s see where her decisions take her.  Arrgghhh…urrggg (that was zombie speak – like pig latin but without the finesse).   Enjoy and don’t forget to click over to and check out all the other writing goodness happening there.
          She darted to the left, between two old warehouses, and then a quick right into what she hoped was a service entrance leading back out to the main road.  Instead, she found herself trapped in a delivery bay designed for big rigs to back their cargo up to a large bay door.  She pulled up on the latch, which held fast.


          The guttural roars echoing behind her told her the pack had turned the same corners she had and would be filtering into the cargo bay any minute.  Frantically, she searched for another access door, a fire ladder leading up the roof.  Nothing.

          She leaned against a wall, trying to catch her breath, and spotted a rotted metal garbage dumpster against the far side of the alley.  Annie figured it was her best shot, provide some protection, maybe mask her scent.  That and it was her only available option.

          Short, sweet, and directly into a dead end.  Dum dum dum.  Hope you enjoyed.  Please leave a comment or two.  They are always appreciated.  You can even use zombie-speak, I just can’t promise to know how to respond.  It’s a very tricky dialect and they’re such a sensitive lot.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Stein Snippet #1

          Well, here we are again.  Another dose of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday fun.  I finished up the last short story I shared a couple weeks ago, Snips And Snails, and I had a lot of fun doing it.  While I'm waiting for the release date of my novel, Welcome To GreenGrass, to get closer, I was deciding what to share next.  I decided to take a page out of T.K.'s playbook and just run with it on a week to week basis, so I sat down and cranked out a few paragraphs.  I'm not a pantster by any means but I figured it would be a fun exercise.  No title yet - just some fun zombie rampaging.  I have a kinda cool idea where I want it go but we'll see where it goes.  Hope you enjoy!  Go check out all the great writers over at  You'll be glad you did.

          Whoever said always turn left and you’ll never get lost, never had a pack of rampaging zombies chasing them through the back alleys in the middle of the night.  Annie sprinted right at the next corner, changing her path and, she hoped, her outcome.  She knew better than to scavenge that late but Zach’s arm wasn’t healing and without some type of medicine, he was a walking advertisement for the meat patrols.  She pulled an old pizza rack down behind her as she ran.  Another universal un-truth - the undead sauntered along, dragging wayward appendage in their wake, was a crock.  They were fast…and hungry, always a bad combination.

          One of the rabid corpses tumbled into the metal shelving she toppled, the crash echoing down the alley.  The rest of the pack shrieked as their meal gained some much needed distance.

          The boy wasn’t her responsibility, she knew that, but in a world that had forgotten how to care for one another, Zach became her line in the sand.  If she let him down, she feared she’d loose what was left of her own humanity.
          Well?  I hope you enjoyed it.  Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment.  They're one of the best parts of contributing to SFFSat.  Enjoy the weekend!