Saturday, December 28, 2013

Author interivew for Welcome to GreenGrass

The multi-talented and all around awesome author Lyndi Alexander has allowed me to grace the pages of her site with an interview about my newly released novel Welcome to GreenGrass from Bedlam Press, an imprint for Necro Publications.

The interview was a lot fun and she asked some great questions. Stop over and check out the interview in its entirety over at her worlds of fancy site - 

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and I'm already looking forward to a promising 2014!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stein #10

          Would Santa be considered a U.F.O.? The holidays are fast approaching, whichever holidays it is that you celebrate.  It’s always a great time of year to relax, reflect, and re-focus and what better way than to lose yourself in a little creative craftsmanship. This will be the last set of snippets for the year and hopefully we’ll go out with a bang. Make sure you check out all the great snippets posted over at This week, Annie finally made it out of the alley! About time! But is there more to her rescuer than meets the eye?  Read on and find out. If you need to catch up on a few, check out the previous snippets posts on my site for Stein. _______________________________________________________________________________    

          She was inside an assembly plant, metal conveyor belts running in all directions above her. At her feet, hundreds of cans of dog food sprawled around her, their contents spilled across the floor. She guessed it to be her haggard hero’s food source for the last few months.

          Turning back to the makeshift door between the factory and the garbage dumpster, Annie watched the man stack garbage bags to form a make-shift wall where the front of the dumpster existed moments before.  One of the bags fell and he shrugged, moving to the corner and plopping down on the ground. 

          Annie glanced behind her to make sure her escape route was still clear and half-whispered, “Uh…hello?”

          The crumpled figure looked her way, seemingly transfixed by the flame in her hand, before turning  his back to her.

          “I just wanted to thank you for…you know, saving my life.”

          They sat in mutual silence. She was never the most socially verbose person, even when there were still people around to be social with, but kneeling there, ankle deep in trash, she felt the need to say more to this man.

          There you have it! Another year of Sci Fi Fantasy Fun wrapped up. It’s been a great year and I’ve made some great friends thanks to this site, especially with my novel Welcome to GreenGrass coming out a couple weeks ago – the link for it is on my page. I hope you’ll check it out! I hope you and yours have a great holiday season and I look forward to sharing more of my writing next year!  See you in….well…see you next year.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Stein #9

          And here we are again – another edition of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  The holidays are fast approaching and everyone is getting into the spirit but it’s also a time when our “to do” lists seem to grow exponentially.  I’m still in the throes of getting my new novel, Welcome to GreenGrass, out into as many hands as I can but it’s nice to take a break and do a little creating and posting for SFFSat.  This week, we’re following Annie as she is dragged into a garbage dumpster by a mysterious haggard stranger, saving her from the ravenous horde of flesh-eaters that were closing in on her at the wrong end of an alley. At least, she’s hoping it’s a rescue.

          She wasn’t sure what was worse, the smell of rain drenched rotten food in the garbage bags surrounding her or the growing fear that she may have been better off with the horde of undead outside.  The pressure around her necked released and she gasped a huge gulp of air, bringing a fresh awareness of her current surroundings.  Pulling herself up to her knees, Annie watched the hulking figure beside her pull away a manhole cover propped against the back wall.  A crude hole had been torn through the metal dumpster and the brick wall behind it, leading into the building next to them. 

          The man pointed to the hole.  “Free.”

          Annie didn’t need a second invitation and crawled over a bag of trash, clawing her way through the small opening.  She’d lost the medicine kit for Zach and they’d have to come up with another plan but she was content just getting out of that alley alive. The building was pitch-black inside but she remembered the cigarette lighter in her jeans.  Fumbling in her pocket, she pulled out the small disposable lighter and stopped her hand from shaking long enough to ignite it. 

          What’s inside the building? Safety? A trap? Valuable cash prizes? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Make sure you stop over at and read all the great entries this week! And if you like my writing, check out my novel –Welcome to GreenGrass - with the link to the right.  Enjoy the weekend and see you in seven!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some nice words from Horror Novel Review about Necro Publications / Bedlam Press and Welcome to GreenGrass

The folks over at Horror Novel Reviews posted a great article about my publisher Necro Publications / Bedlam Press and the announcement for my book's release. Check out the link for the site!  Necro has been a staple in the horror community for like two decades and they're only gaining steam - putting out over twenty titles this year alone.

It's a great feeling to see some press for the book and always appreciated.