Friday, November 23, 2012

SciFi Fantasy Saturday Snippet

Hi all!  In this latest snippet from Welcome To GreenGrass, we take a minute to get a
closer look at Talyn, one of Traveller’s closest friends in the city of GreenGrass.  Talyn,
red skinned and fanged, looking much more the part of devil than devout, wears his
religion on his sleeve and finds his current situation a recurring test of his faith.  One of
the few concessions Talyn allows himself is a new found appreciation of art, specifically
creating it, but even there his new world finds a way of filtering in. Thanks for reading
and please be sure to check out all the great writers who share their work here on SciFi
Fantasy Saturday.  You’ll be glad you did. 

          Talyn stabbed the brush into a mix of green and yellow paint, sweeping the
material in broad and careless passes.  Follow the light and the light shall show me
the way.  Foregoing cleaning the bristles, he dunked the already bulging mound of paint
into the jar of red, pushing the handle harder than he intended.  All of life’s strength has
been placed within, we need only look.  By the time he added the last globs of blue,
Talyn’s breathing was heavy and sweat formed on his brow.  Look to the stars to find your    
            way home.  Running his fingers through his course black hair, Talyn hung his head low.  
          “But what happens when someone changes your stars?”
          Using the blunt end of the brush, Talyn carved a crude stick figure into the mass
of colors smeared over the canvass and watched as the paints dripped over his creation.
          “You and I, my washed over friend are both strangers in a world we didn’t ask to
be in."