Friday, February 22, 2013

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

          Welcome to another writing snippet contribution for Science Fiction Saturday Saturday.  I hope everyone’s been enjoying Sam’s adventures from my WIP – Myth-In-Law and have followed along as Sam tries to get this mysterious book of his open.  I hope you enjoy this week’s snippet enough to leave a comment or two along the way.  They really help to gauge how well the story is moving along.  Please take some time to check out ALL the great writing happening over at the main site –  A lot of talented writers contribute every week and provide some great weekend reading. 

          Jumping from his chair, Sam dashed between two of the shelves that comprised the Livingwood family library.  Books held a special place in Sam’s heart.  Every week for nearly five years after Sam’s dad disappeared, he and his grandfather travelled to flea markets and garage sales, scouring boxes and car trunks for rare volumes.   He brushed his hand down a row of books, picking one from the stacks; The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.  
          Sam’s dad credited Washington Irving, who wrote under the pseudonym of Crayon, with helping to bring American literature to the masses.  He opened the collection of short stories to the well-worn thumb marked beginning to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Sam remembered sitting with his dad in that same room, reading passages by firelight on snowed in winter nights but those memories became harder to recall.  Flipping through the book, he scoured the pages for hand written note in the margins, anything that may hold a hidden meaning.
          Disgusted, Sam slammed the book shut before noticing a tear in the binding and a glint of metal inside.
          “No way.”

Friday, February 15, 2013

          Welcome to another Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday!  I’ve been staying with snippets from my current WIP, which I’ve tentatively titled Myth-In-Law and we’ve followed Sam and his grandfather for the past several weeks building up to Sam receiving a strange package from a mysterious stranger.  I hope, if you have time and haven’t already, you’ll take a couple minutes to catch up on the other snippets I’ve submitted here and leave a few comments along the way.  Enjoy.  Please be sure to check out all the other fantastic snippets by the other great writers over at  It makes for some great weekend reading!  ‘Nuff said.

          Pulling out the note from his father, Sam read through it again. 
         “The key is in my head…all in my head.”
          Sam closed his eyes, concentrating on the book, and waved his hand over the cover.
          “Open sesame.  I command thee unlock.  These are not the droids you’re looking for.”
          “Great, I’m turning into Grandpa.”
          Sam sighed and tapped his fingers against the wood, knowing he missed something.
          “That’s it!”  

Friday, February 8, 2013

A great place to share great writing!

          Welcome to another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!!  I’ve been having a great time with the submissions from my current WIP and I truly appreciate everyone that’s been reading along and leaving comments.  The story to date has found Sam’s slightly eccentric grandfather tracking a dead witch in the bayous of New Orleans, Sam running into a living twister in the woods on his way home from school, and leaving him a note from his thought dead father.   I hope you’re enjoying my work.  Make sure you take some time to check out all of the great writing snippets over at and if you can spare a couple comments – they go a long way.  Have a great weekend!

          “This’ll do the trick.”
          Sam pulled the steak knife from a wooden block on the counter and cut into the strands of cord binding the package, ripping away the thick brown paper covering.  He stopped and stared at the book resting in the middle of his kitchen table.  A carved wooden cover and backing were bound together with a coarse black membrane on one end and a riveted brass clasp on the other.  Sam noticed the keyhole in the clasp and read the inscription on front.
          “Ex umbra in solem.”
          Grabbing a small screwdriver, he inserted the end into the key slot, gently feeling around.  He felt some kind of pressure pushing back the more he jiggled around inside until the screwdriver shot out and embedded in the ceiling.
          “Great, how do I get to explain that one to Mom?”

Friday, February 1, 2013

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          Welcome to another SciFi Fantasy Saturday and my latest snippet contribution from a current WIP of mine.  For the last few weeks, we’ve followed Sam and Mary on a bike ride home and a few mysterious revelations about ghosts, an ominous bike ride over a covered bridge, and last week Sam met up with a human twister sent to him by his thought to be dead father.  Here we’re picking up from last week and the mysterious stranger has left something for Sam before vanishing.  Sam has just finished reading the note from his Dad.  I hope you enjoy this week’s snippet and, as always, if you feel compelled, comments are appreciated.  Please make sure you check out the other writers and their work over at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  There’s a lot of talent there and definitely worth your time.  Enjoy.

          Sam wiped the dirt stained tears from his cheeks and stared at the bottom of the note.  Love and Dad were two words he never expected to hear again.  He carefully re-folded the page and slid it between the pages of his science book.  Sam tugged at the strings bound tightly around the package the note was attached to.  He instinctively felt for his trusted folding knife in the front pocket of his jeans before remembering he just left school.  The blade was the last thing his father gave him before he vanished and Sam wasn’t about to chance it winding up inside a desk drawer in Mr. Skinner’s office.  Stuffing the package the best he could inside his book bag, Sam figured it would hold until he made it home and could get it un-wrapped.
          He brushed the dust from his clothes and started pushing his bike down the trail, casting a last look at the bridge as he rounded the bend.
          “I haven’t seen my dad in ten years and he sends a human twister to give me a diary.  I might as well add crazy to my growing list of problems.”