Friday, April 8, 2016

All Good Things....

All good things must come to an end. Sadly, that plays true for SFFSat. This site has been a great outlet creatively for me over the years, and Laurel, we all owe a big tip of the hat to you for running it all this time. When I saw the post that this week would be the last, I knew I had to contribute something as a thank you for all the hard work that you've put into it, just for the sake of other writers and authors. When people say that the writing community is truly a unique place where instead of competition we strive to help and boost each other, they're talking about people like Laurel. So to end my personal journey on SFFSat, I figured that I'd go back to the beginning and re-post my very first snippet on the site, way back from May 19th, 2012. This is from my then manuscript, now published novel, Welcome To GreenGrass. I even resisted the temptation to edit it! Enjoy....and, oh yeah, for the last time, check out all the other tremendous contributors' work this week over at the main site - Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday 
          “Thunderin’ newbies.”  Traveller whispered as he racked a round into his shotgun.  The sound of the weapon chambering echoed down the alley as the figures below him froze in place.  Leveling his head into the weapon’s sights, Traveller spoke, “Load.  Stun.”
          A blast of energy exploded from the barrel, hurtling across the alley and hammering into Gatto’s chest.  The creature hissed as it tumbled away from its intended prey, dropping to the ground as swirls of red light danced across its chest.
          Finding cover behind a couple trash cans, Slythe peered into the corridor’s dark recesses. Watching his partner writhe in pain, his eyes widened with realization.  “Aw no, not you.”
          Slythe sprinted in the direction opposite the blast.  Jumping over his fallen partner, he bounded over a fence at the alley's end, his lupine silhouette outlined by the twin red moons overhead.
Thanks again to everyone who followed me along on this site, and thanks to the many friends that I made here. I'll even refrain from my usual plugs, though if you happen to like the Three Stooges, make sure to check out the just released Three Stooges comic book by American Mythology with original stories by me in comic shops nation-wide and my upcoming stories in the new Pink Panther series starting in May, also from American Mythology. Sorry, that slipped out. Thanks Laurel - you're one of a kind! Enjoy the weekend everyone and see you in.........