Friday, November 29, 2013

Stein Snippet #8

          Here we are at another edition of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  I hope everyone here in the states had a great Thanksgiving and survived whatever Black Friday shopping they were inclined to do. Kind of appropriate to share a snippet filled with zombie hordes in lieu of the masses of rampaging shoppers this season is noted for.  Which one would you rather face?  This week’s installment has Annie being pulled away from her hungry attackers but is she going from the proverbial frying pan into the fire? Guess we’ll have to find out. Check all the previous snippets for the full back story – I’ve edited them all with the Stein heading to make it easier.  Check out all the great writing snippets over at the main site – – you’ll be glad you did.

          Annie turned to run but realized she was still at the alley’s end when she felt a hand ratchet down on her shoulder. The fabric of her coat pulled tight around her neck and her breath was cut short.  Her body was jerked back, dragged across the ground towards the remains of the dumpster.  She gasped for air as the zipper of her jacket bit into her throat.

          “No, wait.”

          Twisting, Annie helplessly watched as the zombie in the orange jumpsuit clawed its way through the mass of body parts and stumbled towards them, hungrily reaching for her.

          Her unsuspected rescuer raised his hand at the lumbering mass and uttered, “Mine.”

          The frothing corpse stopped, sniffing the air surrounding them before turning away.

          “How?” Annie asked, watching the zombie absently stumble away, as she was pulled into the darkened remains of the trash container.
          Poor Annie! Is she rescued or trapped – again. We’ll find out soon enough.  If you could, leave a comment before you leave – they are immensely appreciated!  AND – check out my new novel – Welcome To GreenGrass – available now over at and all major eBook retailers.  I just posted a new video trailer for it-check it out here–        See you in seven!


  1. "Mine" - one of those words that can carry a multitude of intents. And her nameless companion can command zombies with a word. She may not be dead, but does she face other perils? This sequence is working well - grabbing the reader and keeping us wanting to know more. Great snippet - looking forward to seeing more next week!

    1. Thanks, Peter. I'm really having fun with the story. Hopefully I have a few more surprises as we go. Annie's not out of the woods/alley/trashcan yet.

  2. Certainly raises more questions than it answers.

  3. "Mine" never fails to put me right into Finding Nemo! Even if it isn't repeated, lol. Man. Want to see what happens next. Really hope the guy in the orange jumpsuit is a friend...kinda...

    1. Great - thanks, Laurel - now I keep repeating "Mine - mine - mine" in my head. We'll find out who's friend or foe soon enough - thanks for commenting!