Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Another Fine Mess I (Happily) Find Myself In

When I started writing comics for American Mythology's new The Three Stooges series over three years ago, I figured I had landed into some kind of comedy writing heaven.  And it has proven to be nothing short of amazing over the course of those years.   Really, how was I ever going to match writing new stories for The Boys? 

And then the unexpected happened, and I found myself on another short list, hoping to contribute to yet another legendary comedy team, one who set the marks for generations of comedians to follow!

And, so, without further ado...here we are again.  I'm humbled and excited to help celebrate the cherished works of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as American Mythology prepares to launch their new Laurel & Hardy series this April.  I'll be contributing stories  to the upcoming books along with a group of amazing writers like Jordan Gershowitz, as we look to shine a spotlight on the duo's stage and screen antics.

Here's some links to some of the press coverage already building excitement for the new books: 

Hollywood Reporter
Bleeding Cool
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