Friday, August 16, 2013

Snips And Snails #8

Saturday salutations all! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  It’s been a good last few weeks for me, having found a publisher for my novel – Welcome To GreenGrass via Bedlam Press, an imprint for Necro Publications.  We’re shooting for a December release date and I’ll definitely be sharing more as we move forward with the process. Check out my previous post for more details, if you like. Back to the action with this week’s snippet from my short story, Snips And Snails. Last week, we watched the creature get terrorized by the small child whose room he is trapped in and a little background how he ended up there.  This week, tensions mount as the creature’s frustrations get the better of him and we have a little “scare down”. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment (or two – they’re low on calories). Make sure you go over to the main site at and check out all the great writing happening over there. Enjoy!______________________________________________________________________________ 

          Too focused on his re-avowing his mission, the creature barely noticed the boy sneak up behind him until he felt the five thousand volts of electrical current course through his neck.

          Reeling away from the jolt, the creature spun around to face the boy, who still held the tazer, the current flaring between the two prongs.

          Smirking, the boy said, “That’ll teach you not to pay attention.”

         The creature snarled and grabbed a toy from the desk as a green mist seeped from his nostrils, flowing down over his hand and melting the victimized space ranger into a puddle of plastic. 

          “I already saw that on Space Terrors 2 and that was a limited edition by the way.”

          Turning away from the child, the creature rammed two fingers into its eyes, turning back to display an eyeball on each pointer finger, the right one winked at the child.

          “Peepers – The Return but they did it better.”

          Flinging his eyes to the floor, the creature grabbed the horns on either side of his head and roared in pain as he ripped his head from his shoulder and hissed, “Your eternal soul is mine.”

          The boy sighed, “My Dearly Beheaded but yours has less blood.”

          Bending down to retrieve the remnants of his melted toy, the boy glanced up as the monster re-adjusted his head and added, “You owe me like two hundred buck for this.”


  1. Wow...that's one resilient kid. (Btw, eeeww--beheading I can do, gauged out eyes are gross). The monster will persevere, right? I'm rooting for him now.

    Congrats on finding a publisher!

    (This is Tara--blogger is having a spat with my Wordpress ID)

    1. Thanks, Tara. A good monster is hard to keep down. Good luck with the tech feud. Those never end pretty.

  2. I've come to the conclusion that blogger will not accept WordPress ID. The only way I can comment is with Google.
    And does the kid equate toys with money yet? Or does he simply demand a replacement (and better) toy?

    1. I've had some issued with comments too. The boy doesn't see the value of the toy other than the cost. Like not wanting to take it out of the package and play with it for fear of its value dropping

  3. Replies
    1. I actually watered it down some. I was going for the de-sensitation of society as it pertains to violence. Hope that came across.

  4. This monster is going to have either enlist help (which I'm sure his code is against) or get real on this little snot. He needs to be taken out of his comfort zone, without toys, without pranks. I can't wait until he finally succeeds in scaring him.

  5. Ha. And then it gets real. Thanks, Jalissa! Next week, okay tomorrow, I'm late with responding, I'm going to wrap it up.